Mission Atlantis: The Final Shuttle Flight to Save Hubble

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Commanded by veteranspaceflyer Scott Altman, Atlantis and its crew of seven are blasted offfrom NASA?s Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla., on Monday, May 11 at2:01 p.m. EDT (1801 GMT).

During a planned 11-day mission, the STS-125 astronauts planto perform five back-to-back spacewalks to install new science instruments,perform critical and unprecedented repairs, and replace vital batteries andgyroscopes. They will also attach a docking berth for a future roboticspacecraft.

Below is SPACE.com's special report of NASA's STS-119 mission. Storiesappear in reverse chronological order, with the most recent updates first. For Hubble science updates,visit SPACE.com?s Hubble Special Report.Thispage was last updated on May 28, 2009.

Hubble Mission Multimedia

Hubble FAQ: Inside the Last Space Telescope Repair Mission
The space shuttle Atlantis is less than a week away from blasting off to overhaul the Hubble Space Telescope for the fifth and final time in its nearly 20-year lifetime, but this last flight stands out from the pack in more ways than one.

Hubble?sUniverse: The Final Shuttle Service Call
Watch the show!
Clickhere to catch every episode of NASA?s last shuttle mission to the Hubble SpaceTelescope. Credit: NASA/SPACE.com.

Video- The History of Hubble Repair
A look backat moments from previous Hubble Space Telescope repair missions. Credit: NASA/SPACE.com

Video- The Heroic Return to Hubble
The importance tohumanity outweighs the risk for the challenging final mission to the HubbleSpace Telescope. Credit: NASA/GSFC / Mash Mix: Space.com

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Podcast: Hubble:The First Great Space Observatory

Sky High Technology:The Future of Space Telescopes
View thismultimedia tour through the history and future of space telescopes.

Triumphant Astronauts Home From Hubble

Atlantis Returns Home in Dramatic Fashion
It took about nine minutes for shuttle Atlantis to rocket into orbit last month for a historic final visit to the Hubble Space Telescope.

Shuttle Atlantis Gets Piggyback Ride Home
The space shuttle Atlantis is halfway through a cross-country trip atop a modified 747 jet toward its home at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

NASA Postpones Return Home for Shuttle Atlantis
NASA postponed a cross-country trip home from California for the space shuttle Atlantis to no earlier than Monday due to bad weather.

Space Shuttle Atlantis May Begin Trek Home on Sunday
The space shuttle Atlantis may begin a cross-country trek atop a tricked out jumbo jet as early as Sunday to fly from a California landing site to its Florida home, weather permitting, NASA officials said.

Scientists Call Hubble a 'Whole New Telescope' After Repairs
The Hubble Space Telescope appears better than new as NASA puts the 19-year-old observatory through a battery of tests after its final facelift by an astronaut repair crew.

Shuttle Atlantis Lands Safely After Hubble Success
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - Space shuttle Atlantis landed safely in California on Sunday, bringing home seven triumphant astronauts after their successful service call on the beloved Hubble Space Telescope.

Bad Weather Delays Shuttle's 1st Florida Landing Attempt
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - Astronauts aboard the space shuttle Atlantis are headed home to land on a backup runway in California after bad weather thwarted earlier attempts to land in Florida.

Shuttle Astronauts to Try for Sunday Landing
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - After two false starts, the seven astronauts aboard shuttle Atlantis will finally land Sunday to end their successful repair mission to the Hubble Space Telescope. The only question is where.

Stormy Weather Thwarts Shuttle Landing Again
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - Bad weather thwarted the planned landing of the shuttle Atlantis for the second time in as many days Saturday, keeping its seven-astronaut crew in space for yet another extra day.

Atlantis Astronauts Hope to Land Saturday
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - Atlantis astronauts are waiting for the weather to clear over Florida so they can try to land on Saturday after thunderstorms forced them to stay in space an extra day.

Stormy Weather Delays Space Shuttle Landing
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - Stormy weather in Florida prevented the shuttle Atlantis from an on-time landing Friday, forcing its seven-astronaut crew to spend at least one more day in orbit following their successful repair of the Hubble Space Telescope.

NASA Gets Out of Satellite Servicing Business
When the space shuttle Atlantis lands ? planned for Saturday ? it will cap off a mission to Hubble and mark the end of the servicing era.

Shuttle Atlantis to Return Home From Hubble
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - Atlantis astronauts are hoping for a break in the weather for their planned Friday landing as they prepare to wrap up their successful mission to tune up the Hubble Space Telescope.

Astronauts Prepare Shuttle Atlantis for Friday Landing
HOUSTON - Atlantis astronauts will prime their spacecraft for a planned Friday landing as they enter the homestretch of NASA's last-ever visit to the Hubble Space Telescope.

Shuttle Atlantis in Good Shape for Friday Landing
HOUSTON - The vital heat shield on the space shuttle Atlantis received a clean bill of health Wednesday as its astronaut crew prepares to return home after successfully overhauling the Hubble Space Telescope.

Hubble Telescope's Last Overhaul

NASA: 2nd 'Hubble Revolution' Starts Today
Hubble's final makeover is finished and the astronauts have said their goodbyes; now its time for Hubble to test out its new gadgets and see just what they can do.

Astronauts Conserve Power for Potential Landing Delay
HOUSTON - Atlantis astronauts began conserving power aboard their shuttle in case bad weather prevents their planned landing on Friday and hailed their successful repairs to the Hubble Space Telescope.

Astronauts Take Time Off After Fixing Hubble
HOUSTON - After a tough week fixing up the Hubble Space Telescope, it's time for a break for the seven astronauts aboard the shuttle Atlantis.

Dodging Space Junk: Shuttle Looks Good So Far
HOUSTON - The vital heat shield on the shuttle Atlantis appears to be in good shape after nearly a week linked with the Hubble Space Telescope, which circles the Earth in a region known to be littered with more junk than NASA's usual orbital haunts.

Astronauts Say Farewell to Hubble Telescope
HOUSTON - Atlantis astronauts bid a fond farewell to the Hubble Space Telescope Tuesday and released it back into orbit after the last-ever service call on the beloved observatory.

Astronauts to Say Goodbye to Hubble Telescope
HOUSTON - Atlantis astronauts will say goodbye to the Hubble Space Telescope for the last time Tuesday.

Astronauts Give Hubble Telescope One Last Hug
HOUSTON - Spacewalking astronauts finished their hands-on repairs on the Hubble Space Telescope Monday, wrapping up a five-day marathon to overhaul the much-loved observatory for the last time.

Astronaut Looks at Earth: 'It's Too Beautiful'
HOUSTON - There may be no way to truly describe how the Earth looks from space without physically going there. But that hasn't kept veteran astronaut Michael Massimino, now working at the Hubble Space Telescope, from trying to give people a glimpse of their home planet from afar.

Hubble Telescope Gets Last Spacewalk Tune-Up
HOUSTON - The Hubble Space Telescope will get its final tune-up Monday by a pair of spacewalking astronauts, the last two people who will ever touch the aging observatory.

Astronauts Repair Key Hubble Device in Tough Spacewalk
HOUSTON - Two embattled astronauts fought through a stuck bolt and dead battery on Sunday to fix a key instrument in the Hubble Space Telescope in a frustratingly long spacewalk.

Spacewalkers Tackle Daunting Hubble Telescope Repair
HOUSTON - Two spacewalking astronauts ripped a handrail out of the Hubble Space Telescope with their own brute strength on Sunday in a last-ditch effort to move it clear of an old broken instrument they were trying to fix.

Spacewalkers Tackle Daunting Hubble Telescope Repair
HOUSTON ? Two spacewalking astronauts resorted to "Plan C" Sunday to remove a stuck bolt on the Hubble Space Telescope that blocked their efforts to begin the second daunting repair of their mission: resurrecting a long-broken instrument that can sample the atmosphere of distant alien planets.

NASA: Hubble Camera's Repair a Partial Success
HOUSTON - An ambitious attempt by Atlantis astronauts to fix the Hubble Space Telescope's broken main camera has apparently met with only partial success, with one of the instrument's three photo channels failing to recover as hoped, NASA officials said early Sunday.

Astronauts to Try Complex Repair on Hubble's Broken Main Camera
HOUSTON - Atlantis astronauts ventured back out to the Hubble Space Telescope on Saturday for their most ambitious spacewalk yet in an attempt to resurrect the observatory's broken main camera.

Spacewalkers Make Tricky Repairs to Hubble Camera
HOUSTON - Two spacewalking astronauts opened up a camera inside the Hubble Space Telescope Saturday to make unprecedented repairs Saturday after successfully adding a brand new instrument to boost the observatory's view on the universe.

First Twitter Message From Space Sent
Astronaut Mike Massimino has boldly gone where no man has gone before: He sent the first Twitter message from space.

Space Shuttle, Hubble Spotted Crossing the Sun
HOUSTON ? Stunning new images reveal the space shuttle Atlantis and the Hubble Space Telescope as the two spacecraft were silhouetted by the sun earlier this week.

Astronauts Have Trouble Upgrading Hubble Telescope
HOUSTON - A pair of spacewalking astronauts enhanced the Hubble Space Telescope's sense of direction with some new gyroscopes Friday, but had trouble during the grueling upgrade because of a stubborn part.

Astronauts Tackle Delicate Hubble Telescope Maintenance
HOUSTON - Two astronauts in bulky spacesuits will open up the Hubble Space Telescope on Friday in a delicate tune-up to keep the aging observatory pointed straight.

Stuck Bolt on Hubble Telescope Put Scientists on Edge
HOUSTON - While spacewalking astronauts struggled with a stuck bolt on the Hubble Space Telescope Thursday, scientists on Earth were on edge as it seemed that years of preparation to make the observatory more powerful than ever might slip away.

Astronauts Give Hubble Telescope New Camera Eye
HOUSTON - Atlantis astronauts gave the ailing Hubble Space Telescope a deeper view into the universe Thursday in the form of a new camera eye during the first of five grueling spacewalks to fix the iconic observatory.

Astronauts Begin Spacewalk Marathon to Fix Hubble
HOUSTON - Atlantis astronauts kicked off an ambitious five-day marathon to fix the ailing Hubble Space Telescope Thursday when two spacewalkers floated outside to boost the observatory's vision.

Chinese Space Junk Buzzes Shuttle, Hubble Telescope
HOUSTON - NASA on Wednesday tracked a piece of space junk leftover from a Chinese anti-satellite test in 2007 that zoomed past the shuttle Atlantis and the attached Hubble Space Telescope, which astronauts plucked from orbit earlier in the day.

Hubble Astronauts in Space Junk Hot Zone
The astronauts who just arrived at the Hubble Space Telescope are at an altitude with a higher-than-usual risk from flying space junk.

Headed for Hubble

Astronauts Grab Hubble Telescope for Tune-Up
HOUSTON - Astronauts aboard the shuttle Atlantis grabbed the Hubble Space Telescope in a robotic embrace Wednesday, setting the stage for an ambitious five-spacewalk marathon of upgrades and repairs.

Shuttle Astronauts Close in on Hubble Telescope
HOUSTON - After seven years circling the Earth all alone, the ailing Hubble Space Telescope is about to meet some old friends.

Shuttle's Heat Shield Dings Appear to be Minor, NASA Says
HOUSTON - Astronauts discovered a trail of small dings in the vital heat shield of their space shuttle Atlantis on Tuesday, but NASA said the damage appears only minor and is not expected to be a concern.

Astronauts Spot Small Dings on Shuttle Heat Shield
HOUSTON - Astronauts spotted a trail of small dings on the starboard wing of the space shuttle Atlantis Tuesday during a heat shield inspection as they race toward the Hubble Space Telescope.

Hubble-Bound Astronauts Inspect Shuttle for Damage
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - Astronauts aboard the space shuttle Atlantis inspected their spacecraft's vital heat shield for damage Tuesday while en route to the Hubble Space Telescope to perform one last service call.

Scientists Hail Hubble-bound Shuttle
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - Astronomers and NASA managers alike rejoiced the successful Monday launch of the space shuttle Atlantis to give the Hubble Space Telescope one last tune-up, but now comes the hard part: actually fixing the 19-year-old observatory.

Space Shuttle Launches to Save Hubble Telescope
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - The space shuttle Atlantis blasted off into a Florida sky Monday to kick off a long-awaited mission to save the Hubble Space Telescope.

Hubble in NASA's Sights

Launch Today: Shuttle Atlantis to Fix Hubble Telescope
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - After months of delay, the space shuttle Atlantis is poised to launch seven astronauts today on a risky mission to breathe new life into the Hubble Space Telescope.

Hubble Photographs Giant Eye in Space
The Hubble Space Telescope's legendary Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2 has produced one of its last images, a gorgeous shot of a planetary nebula.

The Hubble Rescue Mission: What Could Happen?
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - The space shuttle Atlantis is moving ever closer to its Monday launch toward the Hubble Space Telescope, but there's a second spaceship standing by for a rescue mission NASA hopes it never needs.

Weather Improves for Monday Shuttle Launch to Hubble
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - NASA's chances to launch the space shuttle Atlantis to the Hubble Space Telescope on Monday just got better.

Space Shuttle Cleared for Monday Launch to Hubble
NASA cleared the space shuttle Atlantis for its planned Monday launch to the Hubble Space Telescope, a long-delayed mission aimed at extending the iconic observatory's lifespan.

Hubble's Final Fix-It Flight Almost Never Was
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - The stage is set for NASA's last trek to the Hubble Space Telescope, with seven astronauts and two space shuttles waiting in the wings to fly a risky mission that almost never was.

Astronauts Arrive at Spaceport for Hubble Mission
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. ? Seven excited astronauts arrived at NASA's Florida spaceport on Friday as the clocks began counting down for their mission to overhaul the Hubble Space Telescope one last time.

Weather Looks Good for Monday Space Shuttle Launch
Final preparations are under way for NASA's planned launch next week of the space shuttle Atlantis to upgrade the Hubble Space Telescope.

Hubble Huggers Ecstatic for Telescope's Facelift
NEW YORK - It's hard to tell who's more excited for Hubble's upcoming facelift ? the scientists who will benefit from the data the telescope collects, or the public who will enjoy the pretty pictures.

Astronauts' Choice: Hubble Telescope's Best Cosmic Views
Each of the seven NASA astronauts set to launch to the Hubble Space Telescope next week has a favorite view of the universe courtesy of the long-lived observatory, adding some extra motivation to their vital orbital repair mission.

Hubble Telescope Poised for Grand Cosmic Finale
Its exquisite images have graced the pages of astronomy books and calendars all over the world and provided astronomers with invaluable information on the mysteries of the universe.

Fixing Hubble: Space Mechanics Set for Last Service Call
After months of delay, NASA's space shuttle Atlantis is just one week away from launching seven eager astronauts to give the iconic Hubble Space Telescope one last makeover.

STS-125: Hubble?s Last Visitors Prepare toLaunch

Shuttle Flight to Save Hubble Telescope to Launch May 11
The space shuttle Atlantis and a crew of seven astronauts are officially set for a planned May 11 launch to give the Hubble Space Telescope one last upgrade, NASA announced Thursday.

Space Debris Risk Refined for Shuttle Mission to Hubble
Atlantis astronauts face an increased risk of a deadly strike from space debris during their upcoming mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. But NASA has taken steps to reduce the risk from levels anticipated last year, despite the growth in space junk highlighted by February's collision of two satellites.

Routine Quarantine Helps Astronauts Avoid Illness Before Launch
While no one wants to get swine flu, it would be particularly disastrous for the astronauts preparing to ride the space shuttle Atlantis on May 11 for their mission to upgrade the Hubble Space Telescope.

Mission to Save Hubble Could Launch a Day Early
WASHINGTON - NASA is hoping to launch the space shuttle Atlantis on the last service call to the Hubble Space Telescope a day earlier than planned to avoid schedule conflicts near its Florida launch site, agency officials said Thursday.

RareSight: Twin Shuttles at Launch Pad for Last Time
For what may beonly the fourth time in history, two space shuttles sat exposed on NASA's twolaunch pads at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida this weekend. The rare sightcame to a close Monday as each shuttle was covered by rotating sections oftheir pads' structures.

RescueShip For Hubble Shuttle Flight Moves to Launch Pad
The space shuttleEndeavour rolled out to a Florida launch pad on Friday to stand by for anunprecedented rescue mission NASA hopes it never has to fly.

AstronautEager to Hug Hubble Again
Many fans of the Hubble Space Telescope call themselves "Hubblehuggers," but only one means that literally.

NASAMoves Rescue Shuttle for Risky Hubble Repair Mission
NASA's rescue shipfor a risky May shuttle mission to the Hubble Space Telescope moved a stepcloser to its Florida launch pad on Friday.

NASA Has HubbleCake, Just Can't Eat It
In May, NASA willlaunch a mission to service the Hubble Space Telescope. On Saturday, the spaceagency's goals were slightly different: to serve the Hubble SpaceTelescope.

Hubble-BoundAstronauts Tweet Their Horn
Call him @Astro_Mike. That'sthe latest digital moniker of NASA astronaut Michael Massimino, who has invitedthe world to tag along via the Twitter micro-blogging Web site as he trains fora May space shuttle mission to overhaul the Hubble Space Telescope.

HubblePhotographs Peoples' Choice
The Hubble SpaceTelescope has photographed a group of colliding galaxies that won a cosmicpopularity contest voted on by the public.

Hubble-SavingSpace Shuttle Moves to Launch Pad
The space shuttle Atlantismoved out to its seaside launch pad in Florida early Tuesday to prepare forNASA's long-delayed final flight to the iconic Hubble Space Telescope.

Missionto Save Hubble Ready for Rollout
A long-awaited mission torepair and upgrade the venerable Hubble Space Telescope will get serious nextweek when the space shuttle Atlantis is scheduled to roll out to Launch Pad 39Aat NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

NASACalls on Public to Vote For Hubble Telescope's Target
NASA is turning control of theHubble Space Telescope over to the general public to give non-scientists achance to choose which target the iconic observatory should turn its cameraeyes on next.

NASAPostpones Decision On Hubble Standby Shuttle
NASA's space operations chiefhas delayed until March a decision on whether a mission to repair the HubbleSpace Telescope will tie up one or both space shuttle launch pads, a decisionthat could impact the scheduled July test flight for the Ares I-X launchvehicle.

2008 ? Failure Postpones Hubble Overhaul

NASA Might Change HubbleMission Requirement to Keep Ares 1-X on Schedule
WASHINGTON - NASA officials are weighing whether they need two space shuttle launchpads to support the upcoming Hubble Space Telescope servicing mission or ifthey can get by with one launch pad, a shift that would help keep the plannedJuly test flight of the Ares 1-X launch vehicle on schedule.

HubbleRepair Mission Set for May 12, 2009
NASA announced today a target launch date for the Space Shuttle Atlantis'STS-125 mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope: May 12, 2009.

NASADelays Hubble Shuttle Mission to May 2009
The fallout from a major glitch with the Hubble Space Telescope has againdelayed NASA's plans to send a space shuttle crew to overhaul the orbitalobservatory for the final time, with launch now set for no earlier than May2009 due to problems with a spare part, the agency said late Thursday.

Hubble Space TelescopeBounces Back from Glitches
The Hubble Space Telescope appears to be in good health after weeks oftroubleshooting following a debilitating glitch that thwarted its ability tobeam cosmic images back to Earth, NASA officials said Wednesday.

HubbleBack on Track to Resume Operations
One week after two anomalous events caused a snag in NASA's attempt to revivethe Hubble Space Telescope, the orbital observatory is nearly back up andrunning, with science operations set to resume this weekend.

NASAHits Snag in Reviving Hubble Space Telescope
NASA's attempt to revive the ailing Hubble Space Telescope has hit a snag,leaving the iconic observatory's return to science observations in limbo untiltwo new glitches can be solved, agency officials said Friday.

NASA:Hubble Space Telescope's Reboot Going Well
NASA's long-distance effort to revive the ailing Hubble Space Telescope isgoing well, with the orbital observatory on track to resume scienceobservations by week's end, agency officials said Thursday.

NASAto Begin Hubble Space Telescope Fix
NASA engineers hope to begin reviving the ailing Hubble Space TelescopeWednesday with a days-long switch to a backup system after a hardware failurecut off its ability to transmit images back to Earth last month.

HubbleRepair Delay Puts Ares 1-X Rocket Test on Hold
WASHINGTON ? NASA's postponement of the Hubble Space Telescope servicingmission until at least February is all but certain to delay the first testflight of the U.S. space agency's new astronaut-launching rocket.

NASA DrawsPlan to Revive Hubble Space Telescope
NASA engineers are finalizing plans to resuscitate the ailing Hubble SpaceTelescope, which has been unable to beam home its trademark iconic images ofthe universe for weeks due to equipment failure.

Is the BrokenHubble Telescope Worth Saving?
In light of the most recent glitch on the Hubble Space Telescope, a seriousequipment failure that means the observatory is unable to send data back toEarth, some are beginning to wonder, is Hubble still worth saving?

NASADelays Shuttle Mission to Hubble Telescope
NASA has delayed the last shuttle mission to the Hubble Space Telescope untilearly 2009 in order to repair a broken device that is blocking the orbitalobservatory from sending its iconic images of the cosmos back to Earth, agencyofficials said late Monday

HubbleSpace Telescope Suffers Serious Failure
A serious equipment failure aboard the Hubble Space Telescope is preventing itfrom relaying data and images to scientists on Earth and delayed plans tolaunch a shuttle mission to overhaul the observatory next month, NASA officialssaid Monday.

HubbleSpace Telescope Ready for Its Close-up
HOUSTON ? The Hubble Space Telescope is poised to get a vital facelift, and afinal farewell, from an astronaut crew when NASA's shuttle Atlantis launchesnext month.

ScientistsEager for Hubble's Facelift
Scientists are eagerly awaiting a much-needed facelift planned for the world'sfavorite space telescope.

ShuttleMission to Hubble: Some Assembly Required
The delicate equipment to refurbish the 18-year-old Hubble Space Telescope hasbegun arriving at Kennedy Space Center, presenting payload managers with one oftheir greatest challenges.

Hubble SpaceTelescope Hits Orbit 100,000
The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) hit the 100,000-orbit mark today, nearly twodecades after it launched into space.

ShuttleAstronauts Eager for Risky Mission to Hubble
Seven NASA astronauts are eagerly looking forward to a risky, but pivotal,shuttle flight to the Hubble Space Telescope this fall.

PiecesComing Together for Next Space Shuttle Launch
The pieces are coming together for NASA's next shuttle mission: the final servicecall on the Hubble Space Telescope.

NASADelays Shuttle Flight to Hubble Space Telescope
HOUSTON - NASA has pushed back the planned launch of the final flight tooverhaul the Hubble Space Telescope by up to five weeks due to external fueltank delays, mission managers said Thursday.

AWhole New View: Hubble Overhaul to Boost Telescope's Reach
When astronauts overhaul the Hubble Space Telescope this summer, they willleave behind a vastly more powerful orbital observatory to scan the universe.

2007 ? Hubble Service Call Looms

NASA: SafetyFirst for Last Shuttle Flight to Hubble

HubbleTune-Up Plans Detailed

Hubble Telescope toStar in Warner Bros.' IMAX 3D Film

HubbleTelescope: Solved and Unsolved Mysteries

NASA Sets LaunchDate to Overhaul Hubble Space Telescope
NASA's finalshuttle mission to overhaul the Hubble Space Telescope has a firm September2008 launch date, the space agency announced Thursday.

NASA: Hubble SpaceTelescope's Main Camera Offline, Some Science Lost

HubbleHugger Eager to Fix 'Mind-Blowing' Telescope

2006 ? Hubble?s Year of Salvation

Hubble Saved: NASA Approves Shuttle Flight to Service Space Telescope
The decision is in and the Hubble Space Telescope is saved. NASA announced Tuesday that it will go ahead with one final space shuttle mission to repair and upgrade Hubble after months of debate over the risks of such an endeavor.

NASAAstronauts Detail Final Hubble Servicing Mission

NASA's Mission toService Hubble in 2008 Will Cost $900 Million

Decision Day: NASAto Announce Hubble Space Telescope's Future Today
The fate of the Hubble Space Telescopewill be announced today by NASA chief MichaelGriffin after months of debate over whether the payoff from one last shuttle mission to the orbitalobservatory is worth the risk to an astronautcrew.

HubblePuzzle: How Safe is a Shuttle Servicing Mission?  
Despite the success of NASA's second shuttle flight since the 2003 Columbia tragedy, thedecision to launch astronauts to the Hubble Space Telescoperemains uncertain as top agency officials debate its safety.

Decision TimeNears for Hubble-Bound Shuttle Mission

FullRecovery Expected for Hubble's Troubled Camera

Hubble's Main CameraSuccessfully Switched to Backup Power

Hubble Telescope's MainCamera Stops Working

2005 ? Hubble in theBalance

HubbleSearches for Oxygen on the Moon

HealthCheckup: Engineers Work to Stall Hubble's Death

ThePeople's Telescope: Wrangling Over Hubble's Fate

The Hubbletelescope is the Ansel Adams of space photography. Its crystal-clear keepsakeimages have brought great insight into the grand majesty of the cosmos.

NASA Prepares for Possible Shuttle Mission to Save Hubble

NASAChief Michael Griffin and Hubble

COMMENTARY: Griffin Should Reverse Outrageous HubbleDecision

NASA Review: Hubble Headed For Deorbit-Option Only

Lawmaker Urges NASA on Hubble Mission

NASA Prepares for Possible Shuttle Mission to Save Hubble

The Fight Begins Once Again for Hubble's Life

White House CutsHubble Servicing Mission from 2006 Budget Request
WASHINGTON - The WhiteHouse has eliminated funding for a mission to service the Hubble SpaceTelescope from its 2006 budget request and directed NASA to focus solely onde-orbiting the popular spacecraft at the end of its life, according togovernment and industry sources.

Astronomers Surprised by White House Plan to ScuttleHubble

Hubble Robot Repair Deal Given to Canadian Firm

2004 ? Hubble?s Fate inQuestion

Experts Calculate Risk of Uncontrolled Hubble Re-entry

Report: NASA Should Use Space Shuttle to Service Hubble

Recommended Hubble Repair Mission Gets Measured Responsefrom Congress

Study: Hubble Robotic Repair Mission Too Costly

NASA Chief: 'Let's Go Save the Hubble'

Amiduncertainty over the fate of the Hubble Space Telescope and with a keyinstrument not working, NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe gave the go-aheadMonday for planning a robotic servicing mission.

Hubble Health Report: Telescope's Life ExpectancyPredicted

Canadian Robot Top Choice for Hubble Servicing Mission

Hubble Now on TwoGyroscope Mode: Some Science Impacted

Hubble Trouble: One of Four Instruments Stops Working

Fight for Hubble Continues, Outgoing Director Vows

Hubble Telescope's Chief Advocate to Step Down

Commentary: On Saving Hubble, NASA Chief Listens with OneEar

NASA: Manned Hubble Mission Not Ruled Out, But Will Focuson Robotic Means

NASA Urged to Keep Shuttle Servicing Mission to Hubble anOption

O'Keefe: NASA to Pursue Robotic Mission to Save Hubble

O'Keefe SaysRobotic Options for Hubble More Promising than Thought

Hubble Space TelescopeStudy Group Selected

Robotic HubbleServicing Mission Plans Under Review

NASA Studies RobotServicing of Hubble

Hubble ResolutionIntroduced in the Senate

Hubble-FixingAstronaut Calls NASA Decision a 'Huge, Huge Mistake'

NASA's O'KeefeStands Firm on Hubble Decision, But Agrees to New Study

U.S. SenatorsDemand Reviews of NASA Hubble Decision

'Back Room' Decisionto Cancel Hubble Servicing Criticized

Save HubbleResolution Introduced in House

Critics of HubbleDecision Don't Have the Big Picture, NASA Says

Heads Up! Debate overDeorbiting Hubble

NASA Firm on HubbleDecision but Would Listen to Options

Senator RepeatsPlea for Hubble Reprieve, But Realistic About Outcome

NASAChief: Hubble Decision Under Review

The Public Strikes Back

PublicBombards Operators to Save Hubble


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