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The Best Holiday Gift Deals for Space Fans

AstroReality LUNAR Pro Smart Moon Globe
(Image credit: AstroReality)

It's time to start gearing up for the holidays, and the epic sales are already under way for space fans!

So, here's a roundup of the best deals online for out-of-this-world gifts. We've scoured to find holiday discounts and deals on things like telescopes and binoculars, space-themed apparel, household items and toys. If you're looking for Lego sets or "Star Wars"-related items, you can also check out our Lego deals page here and "Star Wars" deals page here.

If you're searching for a new telescope and aren't sure which one is right for you, be sure to check out our telescope guide pages to find the best options for beginners, hobbyists, kids, skywatchers on the move and anyone on a budget. And check out our binoculars buying guide if you're looking for something more compact. For more ideas on gifts for the space fan in your life, check out our space gift guide and our space gift guide for kids

Telescopes & Binoculars

Celestron 114AZ-SR Telescope | Was $180| Down to $100 

This 144mm Newtonian reflector telescope from Celestron is normally $179.99 at Kohl's. View Deal

Celestron 70mm Travel Scope | Was $90 | Down to $60

This 70mm travel scope is not only great for beginners, it's also equipped with superior optics and even comes with an astronomy software package, a bonus bag and a tripod. View Deal

PowerSeeker 127 EQ Telescope | Was $170 | Down to $120

This top-selling telescope is designed to give first-time telescope users the perfect combination of quality, value, features and power for a bargain.
 View Deal

Celestron Cometron 7x50 Binocular | Was $35 | Down to $26

These inexpensive binoculars offer a lot of bang for their buck, and they were rated as "Best for Young Astronomers" in's binoculars buying guide. They're great for skywatching or terrestrial uses. View Deal

Celestron SkyMaster 15x70 Binocular | Was $65 | Now $58

Rated "Best for Astronomy" in's binoculars buying guide, the SkyMaster Giant 15x70 binoculars offer one of the highest magnifications available, making these ideal for looking at stars, planets, comets and deep-sky objects.View Deal

BARSKA Starwatcher Refractor |Was $70 | Down to $46

This entry-level scope has interchangeable eyepieces for versatility and comes complete with a tabletop tripod. The telescope also comes with a soft carrying case and a limited lifetime warranty.  View Deal


Books & Gifts

"The Martian" by Andy Weir | Was $17 | Down to $9.69

The sci-fi novel that spawned a film adaptation of the same name is 43% off in paperback for Black Friday. It's also available for just $1.99 on Kindle, down from its usual price of $12.
 View Deal

"Atlas Obscura, 2nd Edition" | Was $38 | Down to $26

If you're looking to plan a space-themed trip, Atlas Obscura's new book can offer off-the-beaten-path cosmic destinations. "Atlas Obscura, 2nd Edition: An Explorer's Guide to the World's Hidden Wonders" (Workman Publishing, 2019) offers around-the-world destination recommendations for travelers looking for something unusual. (Read the full review)View Deal

"Space Shuttle: A Photographic Journey" | Was $40 | Now $26

Photographic image retoucher Luke Price turned his artistic eye to the space shuttle program, generating a book with decades-old images from dozens of shuttle missions that look like they were taken in the digital age. (Read the full review)View Deal

Snoopy, First Beagle on the Moon! | Now $10.99  (Save $7)

Snoopy flies to the moon in this hardcover children's book from Peanuts Worldwide and NASA. In addition to following Snoopy, red scarf and all, to the moon, the book includes real moon facts straight from NASA. View Deal

Hallmark Astronaut Snoopy Plush| Now $7.99 (Save 50%)

This Hallmark Astronaut Snoopy plush is the same version that NASA launched to the International Space Station to help inspire kids (and adults) in the wonder of space exploration. It's the same design as a giant Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, too.View Deal

Timex Weekender Astronaut Snoopy | $54.51 (Save 16%)

This classic Astronaut Snoopy design shows a steely-eyed Snoopy on the surface of a Red Planet released in partnership with Peanuts for the Apollo 11 50th anniversary. It has a nylon wristband, Indiglo light-up dial and is water resistant.View Deal

Timex  'All Systems Are GO!' | Now $53.96 (Save 17%)

Snoopy looks so excited to be in space in Timex's "All Systems Are GO!" design, and you would be, too, if your space mission was going according to plan. Like the basic Astronaut Snoopy watch, this one features a nylon wristband, is water resistant to a point and an Indiglo light-up dial.View Deal

AstroReality Lunar Pro | Was $220 | Down to $143
This 3D-printed "smart globe" is not only a gorgeous desk accessory, but pair it with a smartphone app and you've got an entire augmented-reality lunar encyclopedia in your hands! (Read our review)View Deal

AstroReality Earth | Was $240 | Down to $156

Just like the AstroReality Lunar Pro, this 3D-printed Earth is a beautifully detailed globe that you can use to learn about our planet via an augmented-reality smartphone app. (Read more)View Deal

AstroReality Mini Solar System Set | Was $180 | Now $117

Now you can embark on an interplanetary adventure right from the palm of your hand, thanks to gorgeous, 3D-printed planet models and AstroReality's augmented-reality app. The set includes all 8 planets and Pluto! (Read our full review)View Deal


Toys & Lego

Rocket Science Kit for Kids |Was $30 | Down to $27

Learn to build and launch rockets with 18 fun (and safe) experiments!View Deal

Spaceteam: A Fast-paced Card Game | Was $30 | Down to $21

This self-categorized "fast-paced, cooperative, shouting card game" is described as chaotic and perfect for "people who are into spaceships and shouting at their friends."
View Deal

Lego City Space Mars Research Shuttle | Was $40 | Now $32

This 273-piece set lets you explore Mars from the comfort of your own home. It includes 2 astronaut minifigures and pieces that build a space shuttle model, a Mars rover and a helidrone. View Deal

Lego Star Wars AT-ST Raider | Was $50 | Down to $40

For fans of the newly-released series The Mandalorian, this 540-piece set will immerse you in the "Star Wars" universe. The set comes with 4 minifigures, including the Mandalorian, Cara Dune and 2 Klatooinian Raiders. View Deal

Lego Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V | Was $120 | Down to $100

This set brings the iconic Apollo 11 launch to life. The 1900-piece set  is approximately a 1:110 scale model of NASA's Saturn V rocket that lifted Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong, "Buzz" Aldrin and Michael Collins to the moon in 1969. View Deal

Playmobil Mission Rocket | Was $70 | Down to $54

With working lights and sounds, this set includes a rocket, a launchpad and two astronauts who you can launch into space! The set comes with a capsule that you can send astronauts to Mars in. The set, which does not include batteries, does include a countdown, thrusters and audible space communications. View Deal

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