VR headset deals: Save on Meta Quest 2, HP Reverb G2 and more

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If you're looking for VR headset deals then you're in the right place as we've rounded up the very best discounts on the market today. The holiday season is here and the deals have already started in earnest, including some fantastic VR headset deals on popular choices like the Meta Quest 2 and HP Reverb G2.

The headsets in this guide are worth checking out for more than just their discounts, indeed you'll see some of the very best VR headsets on the market. If you're worried about what games you can get, all VR headsets in our guide support Steam VR - except for the PlayStation VR. But it's not all about games, VR headsets offer some amazing experiences including the ability to explore the International Space Station. In fact, we even have a round-up of the best VR space experiences.

All VR headsets have their pros and cons, whether it's performance, price, compatibility or something else entirely. For example the PlayStation VR is a great price and it's up there with some of the best VR headset deals, but if you factor in the cost of a PlayStation as well, the price not seem as worth while. The Valve Index as well is one of the top models on the market and is really powerful, however you might want to look at getting a refurbished model for it to be a bit more affordable. However, to check out all the best VR headset deals all you have to do is read the round-up below. 

Best VR headset deals

, now $349.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Meta Quest 2 Resident Evil 4 Bundle (128GB) - was $399.99, now $349.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Save $50 on the Meta Quest 2, and get Resident Evil 4 VR and Beat Saber for free, too.

, now $429.00 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Meta Quest 2 Resident Evil 4 Bundle (256GB) - was $499.99, now $429.00 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Save $70 on the biggest storage amount available on the Meta Quest 2, and get Resident Evil 4 VR and Beat Saber included at no extra cost.

now $299 at HP (opens in new tab)

HP Reverb G2: $599 now $299 at HP (opens in new tab) 

Save $300: A massive 50% discount on this fantastic mid-range VR headset - if you're at all curious about PC VR, you should absolutely snap this one up. Check out our HP Reverb G2 review (opens in new tab) for our full thoughts.

Valve Index (refurbished): $999 new, $699.99 at GameStop (opens in new tab)

Valve Index (refurbished): $999 new, $699.99 at GameStop (opens in new tab) 

Valve has delivered a superb, upper-end headset (see our Valve Index review (opens in new tab) here) and a killer app in the form of Half-Life: Alyx. At $999 it’s the Valve Index isn’t cheap but you can save $300 with this refurbished version.

now $429.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Oculus Quest 2 256GB (Renewed Premium): $496.39 now $429.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

The Meta Quest 2 offers the best of both worlds; use it stand-alone for a wireless VR experience or connect it to a PC. It may have gone up by $100 but this Meta-certified renewed headset will save you over $66, letting you claw back some of that price hike. 

now $349.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Oculus Quest 2 128GB (Renewed Premium): Was $398.50, now $349.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

If the 256GB version is still a little pricy for you, you can get a renewed 128GB Meta Quest for $349, which is nearly a $50 discount on the price of a new headset.

Meta Quest 2 128GB: $399 with free Beat Saber game and three months YouTube Premium at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Meta Quest 2 128GB: $399 with free Beat Saber game and three months YouTube Premium at Amazon (opens in new tab) 

If you do want a brand new Meta Quest 2 now’s the time to snap one up. You’ll still have to stomach the price rise but until the end of the year you get the superb Beat Saber VR rhythm game absolutely free. Check out our Meta Quest 2 review (opens in new tab) here.  

HTC Vive Cosmos Elite (Headset only): $449 (opens in new tab)

HTC Vive Cosmos Elite (Headset only): $449, now $399 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Save $57: As we noted in our HTC Vive Cosmos Elite review (opens in new tab), the Cosmos Elite is an impressively powerful piece of kit.  note this is just for the headset - the full set is not on offer at the moment.

, now $199.99 at Best Buy (opens in new tab)

Playstation VR Marvel's Iron Man VR Bundle (with motion controllers, Iron Man game and PlayStation Camera): Was $214.99, now $199.99 at Best Buy (opens in new tab) 

With PlayStation VR2 arriving next year, the original PSVR (opens in new tab) has dropped in price but still has a great library of VR-native and VR-compatible titles. If you already own a PS4, this Iron Man bundle is a bargain-priced way to see what you’ve been missing. 

VR accessory deals

VidPPluing adjustable head strap for Oculus 2 $24.99 (opens in new tab)

VidPPluing adjustable head strap for Oculus 2 $24.99 $22.99 on Amazon (opens in new tab)

Save 8% on an easy to adjust and easy to install head strap, compatible with the oculus 2 VR headset. This head strap offers 360 degrees of head support and has gone through rigorous testing, so you know it's durable.

Note: Apply the coupon at check out for an additional 5% saving. 

, now $17.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Kiwi Design VR Stand: Was $27.99, now $17.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

What happens when real life comes to reclaim your VR space? Sure, you could cram your headset and controller into a case, Tetris fashion, but for $17.99, down from $27.99, you can display them lovingly on a shelf, without worrying that someone will step on them later. 

now $52.76 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

AUBIKA Head Strap with Battery: now $52.76 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Just $52.76 and almost $70 cheaper than Meta’s own equivalent, the AUBIKA Head Strap with Battery adds a little extra comfort to the Quest 2 but, more importantly, doubles the default three hour battery life to around six. 

VR game deals

now $12.49 at CD Keys (opens in new tab)

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners (Steam VR): Was $37.49 now $12.49 at CD Keys (opens in new tab) 

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is a fantastic in-your-face survival game. We do mean in-your-face – you’ll be grabbing the undead by their head and skewering them before they can sink their teeth into your neck, and at $12.49 for the Steam version, it’s a must-buy.  

UK VR headset deals

HTC Vive Pro: Was £919, now £719 at Vive (opens in new tab)

HTC Vive Pro: Was £919, now £719 at Vive (opens in new tab)

Save £200: Vive might have released the HTC Vive Pro 2 (opens in new tab), but the HTC Vive Pro remains a powerful high-end headset. And, thanks to a recent Vive promotion, you can pick it up for £719. 

Oculus VR headset deals

(Image credit: Oculus)

In this section, you'll find the best available prices on models rom Oculus which is a division of Meta (Facebook) specializing in virtual reality headsets. While there isn't a great deal of selection here, both headsets are of high quality. It's worth noting the Oculus Rift S has been discontinued so you might have a tougher time getting a good deal on one. 

Oculus also has its Oculus Quest 2, model, which we reviewed and we think is very good value for money. If you're searching for a reliable headset that has access to loads of games and won't break the bank, the Oculus Quest 2 could be the best cheap VR headset out there.  

Oculus Quest 2 

Oculus Rift S 

Valve VR headset deals

Valve Index VR headset

(Image credit: Valve)

Here we have Valve virtual reality headsets. We feature just one headset in this section but thankfully, it's an exceptional headset. It also comes with Half Life Alyx, which is regarded as the best virtual reality game out there. 

The Valve Index is a high-quality product. You may spend a bit more than with other VR sets, but if you're willing to spend the extra bit of cash you will end up with something that reflects that and doesn't disappoint. Bonus points if you can find it at a discounted price.

Valve Index 

HTC VR headset deals

HTC Vive Cosmos Elite VR headset

(Image credit: HTC)

This section contains the most products in one section in this guide, and they're all from HTC. The four different headsets that feature here show the company's ability to produce high quality products on a consistent basis and we've picked the best ones to cover everyone's budget. 

HTC has been in the VR headset game longer than most, and it knows how to make a great VR headset. The HTC Vive Pro 2 is at the higher end of most people's budget but does have that extra quality whilst headsets like HTC Vive Cosmos Elite and the Cosmos are a bit less pricey and offer a fantastic VR experience. 

HTC Vive Pro 2 

HTC Vive Cosmos Elite 

HTC Vive Cosmos 

HTC Vive Pro

Sony PlayStation VR headset deals

PS VR Headset lit up

(Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC)

PSVR, aka PlayStation Virtual Reality, is Sony's own proprietary VR headset for PlayStation consoles. That means it only works with PS4 and PS5 but this headset is nevertheless great because it offers players a new way to play and adds an entire new dimension to some of people's favorite games on the console. 

The headset has proven to be a popular way to play new games and experience virtual reality, so much so that Sony announced there is going to be a PSVR 2.  


HP VR headset deals

HP Reverb G2 VR headset

(Image credit: HP)

HP might be better known for its computers and printers, but it also makes a fantastic VR headset — the HP Reverb G2. It's the only VR product in the HP line at the moment, but it offers great specs and high quality gaming.

There is also a buffed up version of the G2 called the HP Reverb G2 Omnicept Edition. This includes a load of state of the art sensors, but it's not really meant for gaming or other everyday applications. We'd recommend saving the cash and sticking with the normal version.

HP Reverb G2 

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