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Streaming deals: great sci-fi content and discounts

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There's some great streaming deals out there so if you're looking for some fresh sci-fi content to watch, and you want to save some money in the process, you've come to the right place. 

Now is the time to grab the popcorn, put your feet up and not have to break the bank in doing so as the likes of HBO Max (40% off for a year (opens in new tab)) and Hulu (one month free (opens in new tab)) are offering deals to save you money and are home to a host of awesome sci-fi content. 

It's not just deals you'll find in this guide though, we've included a section for expired deals so you know what kind of offers have gone before and what to expect in the future. We've also highlighted Netflix, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime as those three are brilliant for streaming sci-fi content. You can even check out our round-ups for best sci-fi movies and TV shows to stream on Netflix, Disney Plus and Amazon

We keep this page updated year-round, so even when there isn't a great deal of streaming deals out there (pun intended) you'll be able to find what is available here. Equally, when a streaming service with worthy content is on offer, you'll find that deal here. So, without further ado, here are the best streaming deals for all your sci-fi needs. 

Best streaming deals

This section highlights the very best streaming deals for services that have a ton of great sci-fi content. HBO Max is offering a huge 40% discount when you prepay for a year-long subscription and has some truly awesome sci-fi content on the platform including Doctor Who and DC movies and TV Shows.

The streaming service Hulu is offering the first month free when you sign up, we have seen better deals in the past but this is still a good offer considering you can enjoy shows like Rick and Morty as well as some (but not all) of the Star Trek franchise. 

Paramount Plus is the home of all things Star Trek from the original series, to The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and even the entire Star Trek movie franchise.

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HBO Max | 40% off when you prepay for a year (opens in new tab)

Save 40% on HBO Max when you prepay for a year's subscription. That's a huge saving on a streaming service that's home to great sci-fi content like Doctor Who and a host of DC universe content.

Note: this is a limited time offer and runs until October 30. 

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Hulu | Try up to one month free (opens in new tab).

Get up to one month free streaming with Hulu and enjoy fantastic sci-fi content including Rick and Morty, Star Trek: The Next Generation and three seasons of the original Star Trek series. 

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Paramount Plus | One week free on either the Essential Plan or Premium Plan (opens in new tab).

Home of all things Star Trek, you can get one month free on either the Essential or Premium Plan for Paramount Plus. The Premium Plan offers you an ad-free experience and is $9.99 a month (the Essential Plan is $4.99 a month) but, if you sign up for a year after the complimentary month - you can save 16% bringing the base fee down to just $4.17.

Expired deals

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EXPIRED: Disney Plus | Up to six months free when you sign up to Amazon Music Unlimited (opens in new tab).

Get up to six months free on the Disney Plus — the home of all things Star Wars. Aside from arguable the biggest franchise in cinematic history, the streaming service is also home to a great selection of sci-fi movies, TV shows and documentaries. 

Note: You can now get 3 months of Amazon music for free (opens in new tab) but this is not connected to Disney Plus in any way.

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EXPIRED: Hulu | 99 cents a month for a year, saving 85% (opens in new tab).

Save a whopping 85% on a Hulu subscription and start enjoying a host of great sci-fi content including Rick and Morty, Star Trek: The Next Generation and Three seasons of the original Star Trek series. 

Other streaming services with great sci-fi content

We've included this section because there's a host a great sci-fi content for space fans on other streaming services. With the nights getting longer, now is the perfect time to crowd around the television and have a great selection of movies and TV shows to choose from.

Netflix includes movies like 'Inception', 'Men In Black', 'Don't Look Up' and 'Total Recall' (both the 1990 and 2012 versions). Although, if it's TV shows you're after then 'Star Trek: The Next Generation', 'The Twilight Zone' or 'Another life' might be for you. 

Amazon can offer you the 'Alien' movies (apart from 'Alien 2' which is only on Disney Plus), 'Robocop' and it's own sci-fi blockbuster of last summer, The 'Tomorrow War'. It's choice of TV shows include the ever-popular 'The Expanse' and the classic, 'Thunderbirds'. 

Disney Plus needs no introduction. It is the home of all things 'Star Wars' including the hit TV shows 'The Mandalorian' and 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' as well as it's new show 'Star Wars: Andor'. On top of this, There's also a range of great sci-fi movies, TV shows and real-world documentaries.

As for Hulu, you can still get the first month free and enjoy shows like Rick and Morty, Star Trek: The Next Generation and three of the original Star Trek series. 

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