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Our guide will help you navigate the best streaming deals the market has to offer right now, meaning you can discover a vast array of scintillating sci-fi content (and more) for less.

From Star Wars on Disney Plus, to Star Trek on Paramount Plus to Futurama on Hulu and more, there's plenty of fresh content out there and a number of deals and services to choose from too. Now is a great time to be considering a subscription, if you haven't already got one, for a service that hosts shows or movies you want to watch.

As there's a lot of out-of-this-world content for you to enjoy out there, we've got specific round-ups of the best sci-fi movies and TV shows to stream on Netflix, Disney Plus, and Amazon and Paramount Plus, worth checking out.

We keep this page updated throughout the year, so when new streaming deals become available, you'll find them below. Equally, we'll remove any offers that expire. That means, if you're looking for a new streaming service and you don't find a deal that suits you, it's worth checking back at a later point. However, for the best streaming deals on the market today, read on below. 

Best streaming deals February 2024

Disney Plus, ESPN Plus and Hulu Bundle Now $14.99/month

Disney Plus, ESPN Plus and Hulu Bundle Now $14.99/month.

Disney Plus is offering a three-platform subscription bundle for just $14.99 a month, meaning you get a monthly saving of 44%. Disney Plus is the home of both the Star Wars and "Marvel" cinematic universes while Hulu is the home of the new Futurama reboot. 

Hulu 30-Day Free Trial With-Ads and Ad-Free Plans.

Hulu 30-Day Free Trial With-Ads and Ad-Free Plans.

If you're unsure about what streaming service to subscribe to, or you just want a quick sci-fi fix or you just want to check out the new Futurama reboot, getting a 30-day FREE trial is a fantastic option for you.

One year of Paramount Plus + Showtime now $119.99/year.

One year of Paramount Plus + Showtime now $119.99/year.

This might seem like a fairly sizable payment in one go, but you save money in the long-run. By buying annually the price goes from $11.99 a month to $10 per month. You save $24 and you get everything the Essential plan offers, plus Showtime originals and the option to download content. Paramount Plus is the home of Star Trek and Halo. 

Note: You also get one week free with this deal. 

Pararmount Plus Essential Plan Free With Walmart Plus.

Pararmount Plus Essential Plan Free With Walmart Plus.

Paramount Plus Essential Plan is free, yes you read that correctly, with Walmart Plus. You can claim a free 30-day trial of Walmart Plus, otherwise it's $12.95/month or you can pay annually, which is $98/year. If you're already a member, this is a deal worth getting... It's literally free.

Discovery + 7-Day Free Trial Via Sling TV. 

Discovery + 7-Day Free Trial Via Sling TV

Free is Free and while some services offer a slightly longer free trial, it's always worth checking out something that doesn't cost. You also get access to Sling's free library. 

HBO Max - Save 20% on annual plans.

HBO Max - Save 20% on annual plans.

Warner Bros. Movies, live sports and discovery's library are all stand-out reasons to get HBO Max and if you are looking to subscribe, you can save 20% by buying the annual plans.

Sling - Save 50% on your first month.

Sling - Save 50% on your first month.

Stream live sports, entertainment and news channels with a choice of either Sling's Blue or Orange package, both 50% off for the first month, both $20 down from $40, or $27.50 for a combination of the two. 

Great streaming services February 2024

We've included this section because there's a host a great sci-fi content for space fans on other streaming services. The days be beginning to get longer and brighter but, there's plenty of fresh content out there to keep you glued to the couch.

Netflix includes movies like "Don't Look Up", "Dune" and "Gravity". Although, if it's TV shows you're after then "Star Trek: Prodigy", 'The Twilight Zone' or 'Another life' might be for you. 

Amazon can offer you "Armageddon", "War Of The Worlds", "The Tomorrow War" and "Robocop". It's choice of TV shows include the ever-popular "The Expanse" and numerous "Stargate" series. 

Disney Plus needs no introduction. It is the home of all things 'Star Wars' including the hit TV shows "The Mandalorian" and "Obi-Wan Kenobi" as well as "Star Wars: Andor". On top of this, There's also a range of great sci-fi movies, TV shows and real-world documentaries.

As for Hulu, you can still get the first month free and enjoy shows like Rick and Morty as well as the Futurama reboot are both reasons to enjoy this streaming service. 

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