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Playmobil Mars Space Station achieves cosmic Black Friday sale

Playmobil Mars Space Station Black Friday Deal
Robots, astronauts and science feature in this Mars-themed Playmobil set. (Image credit: Amazon)

This Playmobil Mars base set is on sale for $58.20 at Amazon, an incredible 34% off. That will certainly encourage you to imagine social distancing from the rest of humanity, on another planet. The modules and activities included will encourage your kids (and perhaps yourself) to take part in science adventures you'd have on the Red Planet. Act quickly before the sale departs Earth!

Your astronaut (or robot, as the case may be) can make their grand entrance into the Mars base using the front ramp, or a secure rotating hatch. The adventure only starts there, as you have options for analyzing samples or taking a rest for your next Marswalk.

If you don't mind a few sound effects to go with science, just pop in a couple of AAA batteries to enjoy radio discussions, background space noises and jet propulsion. The base also comes with a laser in case you want to shoot away any threatening micrometeoroids (or other problems you may find on Mars.)

Today's Best Playmobil Deal

Playmobil Mars Space Station $79.99 $52.80 at Amazon

The Red Planet Playmobil set is 34% off and features several Mars base modules, astronauts, robotics and all the other tools you'll need for a space mission.View Deal

The full set includes many accessories for play, with two astronauts, one robot, space station, computer, tools, food supplies, space crystals, a telescope, a video recorder and much more. You'll have some happy moments opening the box for sure, and playing with the different figurines and features.

The station also has fitness equipment and a removable roof for ultimate flexibility, both in assembling your astronauts in their tasks and keeping them healthy.

Playmobil is a veteran producer of space-themed toys, and this base is a special example for the Martian in your life. The set will encourage interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), which is always a winner for school projects. Happy exploring!

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Playmobil Mars Space Station $79.99 $52.80 at Amazon

The Playmobil set allows you to take your astronauts on numerous adventures, ranging from science experiments to exploring the Martian terrain just outside the base's two exits.View Deal

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