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Telescopes on Amazon: The best deals and discounts available online

Telescopes on Amazon: Image shows amateur astronomer pointing telescope at sky
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Looking for telescopes on Amazon can be a little daunting, especially given the sheer number of models available from the online retailer. So, picking the right one for you might be a little harder than than first thought. However, we're here to help as we've scoped out the best models and discounts and put them in this handy guide for you check out. 

Online retailers are pushing their Summer sales and Amazon is no different. Although Amazon Prime Day may be over, there are still some top deals when it comes to telescope on Amazon. It's worth noting that because of the wide range of telescopes and deals available, if something seems too good to be true, it generally is. Having said that, Amazon is home to some of the best telescopes and best telescope deals on the market. 

Another thing to keep in mind is if you don't recognize a brand, normally you're better off staying clear of it. However, if you do know what make of telescope you like, then be sure to check out our brand-specific guides for Celestron telescope deals, Sky-Watcher telescope deals, Meade telescope deals, Orion telescope deals.

The good news is, if you're looking for big names for low prices, Amazon can provide that, especially if you're looking for budget telescopes under $500.  We've also included some buying advice to help you understand the market a bit better. As we've mentioned before, there are loads of telescopes on Amazon and if you're looking for the best deals and models then all you have to do is read our round-up below.

Telescopes on Amazon: Today's best deals

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Celestron 70mm Travel Scope | MSRP: $109.95 | Now $94.29 (opens in new tab)
An ideal bit of kit for stargazers, this is a 'grab and go' model that requires minimum setup. The lightweight telescope comes with a handy backpack, so you can port the telescope around easily too. 

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Celestron 70mm Travel Scope DX - Portable Refractor Telescope  $119.95 $89.05 (opens in new tab)

Save $30 on this lightweight, portable Celestron telescope which is perfect for beginners. It comes with a large 70mm objective lens as well as a bonus bag, tripod, moon filter, Bluetooth shutter release and a smartphone adaptor. 

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Celestron AstroMaster 70AZ  $159.95 now $119 on Amazon (opens in new tab). 

Save 25% on this excellent scope that features in our budget telescopes under $500 buying guide thanks to its build quality and versatility and gives good views of the solar system.

Note: While this is on sale, we have seen a lower asking price in recent times (May 2022) when it was discounted by a whopping 50%.

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Celestron AstroMaster 114EQ Newtonian: $319.95 $249.95 on Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $70 (or 22%)
on this 114mm push-to German Equatorial Newtonian telescope for a good 22% off its original price. The telescope ships with a fully adjustable steel tripod, finderscope, 20mm and 10mm eyepieces.

Buying advice

There are three main types of telescope: refractors, reflectors and catadioptrics. Below, we’ve gone into the benefits and drawbacks of each design. If you want a full breakdown, have a look through the guidance in our article on the best telescopes.

These telescopes are usually best for providing high-magnification views of targets like planets and the moon. They're also very easy to set up and maintain. Combine this with the fact that they usually retail for a lower price point and you can see why this is a popular option with beginners. They do tend to suffer from a visual problem called ‘chromatic aberration’, where bright objects in the sky appear to be surrounded by a halo. However, this shouldn’t dampen the experience for any viewers.

With wider apertures, these types of telescopes are able to take in more light and therefore better suited for spotting fainter objects. They tend to be useful for views of low-magnification targets like galaxies and nebulas. Unfortunately, these types of telescopes can suffer from something called the ‘coma’ effect, where objects appear elongated instead of spherical/ circular. Again, though, this is a minor issue - and probably something you can get used to at this low price point.

There are two main catadioptric designs: the Maksutov-Cassegrain and Schmidt-Cassegrain. Both types often come with a computerized GoTo system, which can work out your position and location - and align with night sky targets that you program into the device. They also usually fix the problems mentioned above (coma and chromatic aberration.) As such, they're also usually more expensive. Typically, you'll find that the Schmidt-Cassegrain designs have bigger apertures, and the Maksutov-Cassegrain sport smaller apertures, so the former is better for fainter deep sky targets and the latter will offer high magnification views. 

Deals you missed

When a deal has expired, we'll move it below. That way, you can compare current prices to those in the past. You'll also get a sense of what to look for when you're seeking out telescopes on Amazon.

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 Orion StarMax 90mm TableTop Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope $319.99 now $279.99 (opens in new tab) 

Save $40 on a telescope that's at its lowest price for quite some time on Amazon. This tabletop telescope is easy to use and provides powerful views of the night sky. Weighing just 6.5 lbs it's easy to transport and features a 90mm aperture and comes with two eyepieces. 

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Unistellar eVscope eQuinox: (opens in new tab)$2999 $2699
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The Unistellar eVScope eQuinox offers enhanced vision, citizen science projects, 35 hours of storage, a motorized mount and is 100 times more powerful than your standard telescope, the eQuinox is able to pick out faint deep-sky targets, from galaxies to nebulas in exquisite contrast and clarity within moments — whether you're observing from a dark-sky location or from the inner city. Get $300 off today!

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Celestron Cometron 114AZ: $199.95 $184.95 (opens in new tab)

With a stunning white finish, the Cometron 114AZ has been specifically designed for observing comets, but — given its 114mm aperture — is an excellent companion for observers who enjoy observing the Moon, Milky Way and Saturn's rings. Supplied with two eyepieces, mount and tripod.

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Celestron PowerSeeker 80AZS Telescope | Was $149.94 | Now $139.79 (opens in new tab)
There’s $10 off this short refractor telescope, which comes with eyepieces and a Barlow lens. In recent months, this telescope has been seen on sale for as much as $349 - which is a reflection of how a lack of stock is ramping up prices. 

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Celestron StarSense Explorer LT 80AZ | Was $319.95 | Now $199.99 (opens in new tab)
The price on this model has just dropped by 37%. It was previously $319.95 - although this price is a little higher than the RRP, reflecting how prices have been hiked in recent months as stock has dwindled. It’s a great refractor telescope for beginners that works in tandem with the StarSense app.

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