42% off this Encalife star projector all Black Friday weekend

Encalife star projector with black friday deal logo
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Save a whopping 42% on this Black Friday star projector deal — still available this weekend.

This Black Friday weekend deal sees a generous $25 saving on the Encalife star light galaxy star projector. We reviewed this identical Encalife star projector earlier this year and were impressed with its ability to function as a Bluetooth speaker as well as a star projector.

While it won't project accurate stars and nebulas like other star projectors it does provide a satisfying flood of atmospheric star-like projections. This would make the perfect space gift for gamers who want to fill their room with atmospheric light, vloggers who want the same and would be the perfect ambient night light for kids who struggle to fall asleep in the dark.

21 different lighting modes can be controlled with onboard buttons on the star projector or via the external remote control. Music can be broadcast to the star projector using a proprietary app and smartphone using Bluetooth. The Encalife star projector even has a sleep timer function so that it switches off automatically after you fall asleep.


Encalife star light galaxy star projector: was $59.97, now $34.97 at Amazon
Save 42%
on the Encalife star light galaxy star projector which features 21 lighting modes, adjustable with the remote control, and can double as a Bluetooth speaker. An in-built sleep timer function is helpful for those using it as an ambient night life.

Encalife Ambience in use

A view of the projection from the Encalife ambience galaxy star projector, which looks identical to this one, that we reviewed earlier this year. (Image credit: Tantse Walter)

You can display only static colors or control how fast the lights change when projecting for flexible adjustments to suit the mood using the remote control. When we reviewed the Encalife ambience galaxy star projector we actually found it great as a party light, adding ambiance to the room when gathering with guests during the holiday period.

For those that want realistic and accurate night sky projections, you may want to be aware that this little star projector gives ambient star projections only and isn't intended to be astronomically correct. However, star projectors that are accurate are much, much more expensive. What this Encalife projector does well though is fill a room with customizable colors and lights with an impressive degree of flexible control options and can play ambient sounds or music through its in-built speakers at the same time. All this in a star projector Black Friday deal at $34.97 we think, is a good price.

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