Search for Life

  • Of Faith and Facts: Is SETI a Religion?

    June 01, 2006 | Article

    Is SETI—the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence—a religion? George Basalla, professor emeritus of history at the University of Delaware, in his book Civilized Life in the Universe (Oxford University Press: 2006) insists that SETI is more of a faith-b
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  • Ten Alien Encounters Debunked

    Ten Alien Encounters Debunked

    May 01, 2006 | Countdown

    As a longtime investigator of unusual phenomena, I have no doubt that UFOs exist.
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  • 8 Worlds Where Life Might Exist

    March 23, 2006 | Article

    We can now list eight worlds (including Earth) in a nine-planet solar system that are possible places for life.
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  • COMMENTARY: Astrobiology Budget in Peril

    February 23, 2006 | Article

    While it is true that the entire NASA science budget is under pressure, this 50% cut to astrobiology is much larger than the 15% across-the-board cuts proposed for FY '07 in the other NASA research programs. Although many of us consider astrobiology to be
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  • Talking With Your Mouth Full: The Feeding Calls of the Humpback Whale

    January 26, 2006 | Article

    The Native American tribe known as the Tlinket of southeast Alaska have many stories about how raven stole the Sun, how bear and ant argued about the constellations, and how the wolf and moon are related. But as far as I know, they don’t have any stories
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  • Close-Up on the Kepler Mission

    January 19, 2006 | Article

    The next transit of an Earth-sized planet will likely be observed in 2007 by the NASA Discovery Program’s Kepler Mission. But the event won't happen in our solar system.
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  • SETI and Intelligent Design

    December 01, 2005 | Article

    Many readers don't know that SETI research has been offered up in support of Intelligent Design. Let's take a minute to fix this, shall we?
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  • Extremophiles: Not So Extreme?

    August 04, 2005 | Article

    Many of them are tiny, all of them are tough, and they could be your most distant ancestors. True to their name (which is a Greco-Latin combo for “someone who loves extremes”), extremophiles can batten and fatten in conditions that humans – and most other
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  • The Great UFO Debate

    July 14, 2005 | Article

    The good news is that polls continue to show that between one and two-thirds of the public thinks that extraterrestrial life exists. The weird news is that a similar fraction thinks that some of it is visiting Earth.
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  • The Juno Mission to Jupiter

    The Juno Mission to Jupiter

    June 09, 2005 | Article

    NASA has announced the selection of a new concept study for a Jupiter mission that will now move into a preliminary design phase. The mission is called Juno, and its goal is to perform a detailed study of the giant planet Jupiter.
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