Get this Lego Batmobile for less than $25 in Amazon's Cyber Monday deal

LEGO Batmobile
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We've seen a few big Lego Marvel deals over the last few days, notably on the LEGO Infinity Gauntlet and the Lego Daily Bugle playset, but now DC is revving up for Cyber Monday with a fantastic gift for the Bat-fan in your life.

The Batman Part II may be slated for 2025, but you don't have to wait that long to get the Robert Pattinson Batmobile for less than $25 at Amazon.

The retailer has marked down the Lego DC Batman Batmobile by 20%, bringing it down to just $23.99 - an ideal gift for the holiday season.

That means you'll be able to drive through the mean streets of your own Gotham City, with a really fun, detailed build even at a lower block count, and a pair of adorable minifigs, too.

LEGO DC Batman Batmobile: was $29.99. now $23.99 at Amazon 

LEGO DC Batman Batmobile: was $29.99. now $23.99 at Amazon 

Get 20% off of the latest Batmobile's LEGO version with a fun beginner build that includes both Batman and The Penguin.

One of The Batman's coolest scenes was undoubtedly the Batmobile chase, and while director Matt Reeves' movie is much, much more grounded than some prior on-screen interpretations of the character, it was a hectic, explosive treat to see Batman chase down The Penguin in a customized muscle car.

This Lego set pays homage to that with a pretty basic build that, while not the biggest or most challenging, is still packed with details. There's the flames firing out of the wheels and bonnet, there's a spring-loaded launcher at the front, and even the wheels look as chunky as they do in the movie.

Naturally, Batman is included (who else was going to drive?), but The Penguin also features, and if you squint you can definitely see Colin Farrell's likeness -- or at least the character's likeness once he's got all of the prosthetics on.

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Key Specs: 392 pieces, including Batman and Penguin minifigures. 2.76 inches high and 13.94 inches deep, 7.52 inches wide. Spring-loaded shooters and stud launcher for play action.

Consensus: This beginner's set is ideal for young Batman fans, even if they're not old enough to watch the movie just yet, and it's packed with detail.

Buy if: You're a big fan of the Robert Pattinson movie, or you're collecting all the LEGO Batmobile models.

Don't buy if: You want a more challenging build made for adults.

Alternative models: If the sky is the limit, why not go big and opt for the Batcave Shadow Box, which also includes a Batmobile of its own and comes in at almost 4,000 pieces!

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