Save 40% on this adorable LEGO Battle of Endor Heroes set this Black Friday weekend

LEGO Star Wars Battle of Endor Heroes
The LEGO Star Wars Battle of Endor Heroes set is now 40% off. (Image credit: LEGO)

Fresh off of our deal commemorating one of the unsung ships in Star Wars history, it's time to head to Endor for a different kind of LEGO saving.

Return of the Jedi's climactic Battle of Endor is a masterful showcase of three action set pieces rolled into one, between the attack on the second Death Star, Luke and Vader's epic lightsaber duel, and Han and Leia's Ewok-backed assault on the moon's surface.

You can commemorate the original trilogy's conclusion with a big saving directly from LEGO on the Battle of Endor Heroes set. The $39.99 set is down to $23.99, or 40% off, and that makes it an ideal buy for LEGO newcomers or those looking for a gift for a loved one.

This set includes five buildable figures, totaling 549 pieces across the cutest, blockiest versions of Luke, Leia, Lando, R2-D2, and Wicket — although Han, Chewie, and C-3PO are absent.

LEGO Star Wars Battle of Endor Heroes: was $39.99. now $23.99 at LEGO. 

LEGO Star Wars Battle of Endor Heroes: was $39.99. now $23.99 at LEGO

Get 40% off this BrickHeadz set of five figures, including accessories. Give the gift of Wicket this holiday season!

This set does offer some bizarre inclusions, but that only adds to the charm. For example, Luke Skywalker's lightsaber makes sense, as does Wicket's spear, but Leia comes with a snack from earlier in the movie.

The LEGO Battle of Endor Heroes asset is unlikely to be in stock for long if the popularity of the lineup is anything to go by, so you may need to move quickly — particularly if you're looking to kickstart your collection which can now include the likes of Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and more recent Star Wars releases like The Mandalorian.

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Key Specs: 549 pieces to build BrickHeadz versions of Luke Skywalker, Leia, Wicket the Ewok, R2-D2, and Lando Calrissian, with assorted accessories. Recommended for ages 10 and over.

Consensus: This cute set may look simple, but the number of pieces make it an ideal introduction to LEGO building. It's ideal for display shelves, too.

Buy if: You want to introduce a loved one to LEGO through the magic of Star Wars' most iconic trilogy.

Don't buy if: You want something more complex.

Alternative models: If you want a more complex build that's still Star Wars themed but not necessarily a vehicle, the LEGO 'The Child' set (Baby Yoda) is still 50% off at Walmart.

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