The LEGO Marvel Daily Bugle just got a rare discount for Black Friday

LEGO Marvel Daily Bugle set
Snap up this rare discount on the LEGO Marvel Daily Bugle. (Image credit: LEGO|Disney)

Heads up, wallcrawlers — our spidey-sense is tingling, and that means there's a deal to be had.

The LEGO Marvel Daily Bugle set is huge, detailed, and packed with minifigs, but it also doesn't go on sale often. You can imagine our surprise, then, to see Walmart offering a saving on the huge diorama, which includes not only the heroic Spider-Man and Miles Morales, but the likes of Doctor Octopus, Venom, Spider-Ham, and all sorts of characters from across the Spider-Verse.

The retailer has slashed $48 off the price, meaning you can get the entire thing for just $300.99 — including over two dozen minifigures and over 3,000 pieces.

LEGO Marvel Daily Bugle was $348.99 now $300.99 at Walmart. 

LEGO Marvel Daily Bugle was $348.99 now $300.99 at Walmart

Save $48 on this huge action scene diorama, featuring a ton of minifigs and impressively detailed environments.

The LEGO Marvel Daily Bugle set measures over 32 inches tall and packs an all-star cast of Spidey and Marvel characters both good and evil. There's a penthouse office where you'll find J. Jonah Jameson, an exclusive minifig in this set, but there are more characters you won't find anywhere else, too, including Blade, Black Cat, Daredevil, and Punisher.

Areas of the building can be removed to show what's inside, too, meaning it's ideal for setting up your own action scenes before setting it on a display shelf.

It's more closely tied to the comics than it is to the MCU or Spider-Man movies, and that means it can be much more vibrant with its colors, and showcase some fun front pages — my favorite is "City power blackout... we need Electro!"

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Key Specs: 3772 pieces, 32 inches tall, 25 minifigures included (some exclusives)

Consensus: Infamous for its size and detail, this is the Holy Grail of Marvel LEGO sets — and comes with plenty of minifigs for collectors, too.

Buy if: You have time for a 3772-piece build, want those characters, or you're a Spider-Man superfan.

Don't buy if: You want something more suited to beginners, or something that won't take up as much space.

Alternative models: Consider the LEGO Sanctum Sanctorum, packed with plenty of detail, or the Guardians of the Galaxy's ship, the Benatar.

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