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Early Black Friday deal: Save 19% on these stargazing binoculars from Celestron

Celestron Outland-X binoculars 10x50
(Image credit: Celestron)

Update: These binoculars had been knocked down to just $75.49, but sadly this deal has disappeared. The current discounted price of $107.99 is still cheaper than the original $132.95 cost, so it represents fairly good value for money. If you're still planning on purchasing this pair, you might want to nab them from B&H instead. The model is on sale there for the same price ($107.99 (opens in new tab)) but comes with an additional cleaning tool. Alternatively, check out our round-up of the best Black Friday binocular deals to find a cheaper model. Please note, that we have updated the headline in this piece to reflect the new price.

A superb pair of all-round binoculars with 50mm objectives that will make looking at the night sky a great experience, Celestron's Outland X 10x50 binoculars are on sale right now at Amazon (opens in new tab).

The rugged binoculars sport multicoated glass and BaK-4 prisms, and the optics are sealed with nitrogen to prevent fogging in adverse conditions. On the outside, the binoculars have a non-slip coating, and the 10x magnification means you'll get great views of the lunar surface and the larger moons of Jupiter. The binoculars aren't directly tripod-mountable, but come with a case, rain-guard and neck strap in the box. 

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Celestron Outland-X 10x50 binoculars| Was: $132.95 | Now: $107.99 at Amazon  (opens in new tab)
Rugged, waterproof, and with 50mm objectives to let in a lot of light, these are a great all-round pair of binoculars that will give superb views of night-sky objects.

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Celestron Outland-X 10x50 binoculars with cleaning tool| Was: $132.95 | Now: $107.99 at B&H  (opens in new tab)
Grab the excellent 10x50 binoculars from B&H and you'll get a free cleaning tool thrown into the package. This should help keep your lenses free of dust particles and specks.

For crisp views of anything from the ballpark to lunar craters, a pair of Celestron Outland X binoculars is hard to say no to. The California-based manufacturer has been making optics for 57 years since spinning off from its parent electronics firm, and was the first large scale commercial manufacturer of the Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. Now, it's well known for making some of the best binoculars on the market, along with telescopes and other optics accessories.

This year, there haven't been quite as many discounts from optics companies, thanks to ongoing supply issues. In fact, you'll struggle to find some of the best telescopes in stock anywhere. However, we're just starting to see a few deals emerging with Celestron leading the way, and you'll find plenty of their models listed in our round-up of the best Black Friday binoculars deals

Celestron Outland X binoculars sale

(Image credit: Celestron)

Celestron's Outland-X series are loaded with features that make them a pleasure to use when outdoors. Light transmission is excellent, and the 50mm objectives mean you'll get clear, bright views of whatever you want to look at. The twist-up eyecups have multiple positions for comfortable viewing , and the eye relief of over three-quarters of an inch means you'll have no problem using them with or without glasses.

The binoculars are available in slightly different variations. You can also bag the 8x42 and then 10x42 model. However, when it comes to stargazing, that 10x50 variation is really the sweet spot, offering the best mix of portability, aperture size and magnification to give you immersive night sky views.

Be sure to check out's Black Friday Space deals, or our guide to the best binoculars.

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