Gift the Celestron Trailseeker 8x42 ED binoculars with $114 off

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The Celestron TrailSeeker 8x42 ED binoculars, now $264.99 have dropped to an all-time low of $264.99, saving over $114.

Without getting too bogged down in the science, extra-low dispersion glass prevents or at least minimizes chromatic aberration (color fringing). Chromatic aberration usually occurs when there is a big contrast between light and dark objects, say a star, the moon, or in daylight, a dark object in front of a bright blue sky. The better the aberration is controlled, the cleaner and brighter the image will be. 

With this price reduction they're almost as cheap as the non-ED version! We haven't seen them at that price since 2019, so if you've been waiting for a good price, now seems to be the perfect time to snap them up.

Celestron Trailseeker ED 8x42

Celestron TrailSeeker 8x42 ED binoculars: was $379.95, now $264.99

With the non-ED version of these binoculars just $20 cheaper, it makes sense to spend those extra dollars for the upgraded version, especially if you're into astro, as the chromatic aberration which would often occur when looking at bright celestial objects against a dark sky will be virtually eradicated.

We did a hands-on Celestron TrailSeeker 8x42 review earlier this year and concluded that they strike an excellent balance between quality, affordability and portability.

Although there are also 8x32, 10x32 and 10x42 binocular models in the TrailSeeker range of binoculars (all of which are also generously reduced), we at like the 8x42. The low magnification and wide-eyed view are ideal for astronomers to scan the sky, explore the Milky Way and look for constellations without being too 'zoomed in.'

Also, unlike accessories supplied with some binos, the ones you get with the TrailSeeker range are all high quality and practical. There is a useful neck strap, a back-ventilated harness strap, a carry case and a cloth. The harness is an innovative contraption that will take the weight of the binoculars away from your neck, allowing for comfier observing sessions, especially if you're out for a long time.

The eye relief is 17mm thanks to the twist-up eyecups — which can be placed in three different positions — so spectacle wearers can be assured of a comfortable and immersive experience.

While we loved the Celestron TrailSkeeker 8x42 binoculars, we found a hint of color fringing. We said that anyone wanting even better views of the night sky — and who didn't mind paying for the privilege — to consider the ED version.

Now there is little price difference thanks to Amazon's Black Friday deal, so getting the ED pair now makes sense.

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