This Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar is 30% off for Black Friday

Lego Star Wars Advent calendar, boxed.
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What would the holidays be without Lego, whether that's gifting someone a set or stepping on a rogue brick on Boxing Day? Now, thanks to this Black Friday deal you can save 30% on this superb Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar. 

You can get the 2023 Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar on sale now at Lego for $31.49, saving you $13.50 off its usual $44.99 price.

Lego's Advent Calendars are a delight and this Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar promises to be no exception. There are 24 minifigures or mini-sets, one behind each door, bagged and ready to build. 

Some of the figures you'll get are wonderfully silly, such as Emperor Palpatine in a Christmas sweater. But even the sets are fun and, despite their size, they're a joy to build and display. Let's face it, who doesn't want a tiny Imperial Scout Walker? How tiny? 

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Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar 2023 was $44.99 now $31.49 at

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar 2023 was $44.99 now $31.49 at

Save $13.50 on this awesome Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar, packed not with chocolate but with Lego. Every day you'll uncover a minifigure or tiny set which will delight whoever opens one of the calendar's 24 doors. 

This Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar is perfect for keeping little fingers busy till Christmas, or big fingers if you're buying it for yourself. Even at full retail price, it represents great value for any Lego Star Wars fan and, with 30% off it's a steal. 

If you can resist the temptation to rip the doors open all at once, you'll squeal with joy upon discovering each of the 24 sets. Jolly old Emperor Palpatine aside, the set features sets from across the whole of the Star Wars era. There's a Gonk droid, a Battle Droid on a STAP (that's Single Trooper Aerial Platform, in case you need it) and much more. 

What's great about this Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar is that Lego has managed to create mini-sets that are entirely recognizable. There's no sticking a few blocks together and thinking, "Well, it sort of looks like a Scout Walker". 

So, for just $31.49 you're getting 24 individual Lego sets and a little surprise every day. And if that's left you craving more Lego Star Wars, here are the best sets this Black Friday

With 24 models to make, there's no excuse not to get building. (Image credit: Lego)

Key Specs: This Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar features 24 models and minifigures, one for each of day of the run up to Christmas. Despite their small size (1-2 inches tall), there's plenty of building fun to be had. Sets include an Ewok, Emperor Palpatine in a Christmas sweater, a mini Scout Walker and many more. There are 320 pieces in total and the calendar is suitable for builders age 6 and up. 

Consensus: Like most of Lego's Advent Calendars, this is a fantastic buy. There's the anticipation of not knowing what you're going to get, and the joy of building it. And, at this price, it's a lot of Lego for not much money. 

Buy if: You or the intended recipient have a love of Lego and Star Wars, and love the act of building little sets. 

Don't buy if: You're a fan of bigger, table-occupying Lego sets. As detailed as some of these sets are, they're still quite little. 

Alternative models:  There are other Lego Advent Calendars on offer, from Lego Harry Potter through Lego Avengers. Here's our guide to this year's best Lego Advent Calendars. 

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