The super Lego Marvel Avengers advent calendar is 30% off this Black Friday

Lego Marvel Avengers Advent Calendar 2023
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One of the best Lego advent calendars available this year has just got even better.

Lego has cut the Lego Marvel Avengers Advent Calendar price by 30%, bringing the set down to $31.49 from its normal $44.99. 

Whether you're thinking of picking up an advent calendar for your own kid or you're just a big kid at heart, the Lego Marvel Avengers Advent Calendar is a great buy. Featuring 24 windows to be opened in the run-up to Christmas Day, you'll find a range of Lego minifigures and miniature builds all based around The Avengers.

What makes Lego advent calendars in general such great buys - especially for collectors - is that they contain limited minifigures that you aren't going to find anywhere else. For example, this one includes Spider-Man in a festive sweater. 

With 7 Marvel-themed minifigures in the set, it means you're paying less than $5 per minifigure. Plus you're getting a whole bunch of other fun builds. For collectors, then, or even just Marvel fans, this Black Friday deal is a total steal. It's not as good a deal as Walmart, which had this on offer for just $20, but that sale has expired, sadly.

Lego Marvel Avengers Advent Calendar 2023: was $44.49 now $31.49 at

Lego Marvel Avengers Advent Calendar 2023: was $44.49 now $31.49 at

Save 30% on this year's Lego Marvel Avengers advent calendar. Packing in seven Marvel-themed minifigures (some of which are exclusive) and lots of fun little builds to enjoy the advent countdown with, this is an absolute bargain. Lego rarely gets reduced to less than half price, so have at it!

We almost don't want to spoil the surprise, but it's the innards of this Lego Marvel Avengers Advent Calendar that are going to sell it. Behind seven of the windows, you'll find different minifigures: there's Doctor Strange, Captain America, Spider-Man, Wong, Iron Man, Black Widow and Okoye.

Alongside the minifigures, you'll also find fun minibuilds to complete behind each of the 24 windows. Amongst them are a mini Quinjet and Hydra Train, along with some fun accessories like a ice hockey kit and a jetpack.

As you open windows in the advent calendar, the minifigures and items you build can be placed on the box, which doubles as a festive backdrop scene.

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Key Specs: This advent calendar contains 24 separate windows to be opened in the run-up to Christmas. Each window contains a Marvel-themed minibuild or one of seven Avengers minifigures. Age 7+, 243 pieces, set number 76267.

Consensus: Lego for less than half price? This is an absolute steal! For young Lego fans, they're going to love having a fun minibuild to complete every day in the countdown to Christmas. And adults/collectors will simply love the seven minifigures included here, some of which are exclusive to this set.

Buy if: You're a Marvel fan wanting a fun way to countdown to Christmas, or you're a minifigure collector

Don't buy if: You don't like the Avengers, or don't want to inject a bit of fun into your advent season!

Alternative models: If you're more of a Star Wars fan, then maybe you'd prefer to pick up this year's Lego Star Wars advent calendar (which is also 30% off). There's also a fun Lego Harry Potter calendar, featuring Ron, Hermione and Harry playing around a Christmas tree.

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