Star Wars Day deal: Save $57 on an interactive Baby Yoda toy

Star Wars - Galactic Snackin' Yoda
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What better way to celebrate Star Wars day (May 4) than with mega savings on a cool toy, perfectly suited for the Padawan in your life. 

Best Buy is offering $57 off a Galactic Snackin' Grogu toy made by Hasbro for today only, so if you think this is ideal for the young Star Wars fan in your life, now's the time to avoid parting with all your credits. Given the nature of the day, it's not surprising to see some of the best Star Wars gifts and deals coming into the spotlight, and this is certainly up there.  

Suited to those aged four and up, this interactive Grogu (AKA Baby Yoda) makes cute noises, can move its head and arms with motorized movements and will let you know when it wants to be held. This is a top deal but it's not the only top deal you'll find today, so make sure you check out our best Lego Star Wars deals guide for more top discounts.  

Star Wars - Galactic Snackin' Grogu$84.99now $27.99 on Best Buy

Star Wars - Galactic Snackin' Grogu $84.99 now $27.99 on Best Buy

Save $57 on an adorable interactive and motorized toy that will delight any Padawan in your life. Suitable for those aged four and above, this toy will let you know when it wants to be held, mimic the actions used to channel the force if you pat its head three times and comes with accessories that it will react to when you place them in its hand.

Note: This deal is available for the next 12 hours, so we recommend you act quickly. 

The interactive features are, as well as the amount of money off, what makes this a top deal. This toy reacts to the accessories (bowl with tentacles, cookie, shifter knob, and spoon) you place in its hand with animations and noises, it also reacts to three pats on its head when it will mimic the actions of Baby Yoda in the TV series to channel the force. 

The interactions don't stop with it reacting to what you do, Baby Yoda will hold out its arms to you when it wants to be picked up and held. The blinking eyes, moving head and arms as well as the noise effects the toy makes all mimic Baby Yoda, making this 9 inch (22 centimeters) tall toy perfect for any young Star Wars fan. 

Quality is assured as it's from a reputable maker (Hasbro) and has received great reviews too. A saving of $57 is massive and the ideal way to celebrate Star Wars day, the only thing missing from this deal is the batteries, which aren't included, but with them, you'll be able to say "wherever I go, he goes."

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