Flash sale: SkySafari 7 astronomy app is up to 60% off on app stores

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SkySafari 7, an app that locates millions of planets, stars and constellations at the tap of your screen, is now up to 60% off on different app stores. 

The 60% discount means you can save up to $40 and browse a database of over 100 million stars, three million galaxies and 750 thousand solar system targets. This is the perfect app for anyone interested in the night sky and astronomy, but the sale ends March 4 2023 so you'll have to hurry. 

This deal is a good one, not just because the saving is big but because the app itself is one of the best on the market, in fact, the previous version (SkySafari 6 which we reviewed) features on our best stargazing apps guide. Using the database is cool for looking at the night sky but can also enhance your experience if you're already using one of the best telescopes or best binoculars out there. 

SkySafari 7 Pro stargazing app now 60% off.

SkySafari 7 Pro stargazing app now 60% off.

The saving varies based on which app store you get it from and what version of the app you purchase. However, the 'Pro' is 60% off on the App Store and Google Play while it's over $40 off on the Mac App Store. The 'Plus' version is 50% off and the 'Basic' version is 40% off. 

Note: There's also a one-week free trial of SkySafari Premium. The deal ends on March 4.

There's no getting around the fact the 'Pro' version of the app is the most expensive, but it also comes with the biggest saving and it offers you the most. As mentioned, its database holds over 100 million stars and 750 thousand solar system targets - which is seriously impressive.

We gave the previous version, SkySafari 6 (Pro version), four out of five stars in our full review and we were impressed with the option to create a detailed observing list so that you can come back to your favorite objects time and again. For the uninitiated astronomers, there are helpful audio tours that give insight into popular stars, planets, constellations and more.

  • SkySafari 7 Pro: iOS $19.99 / Android $19.99
  • SkySafari 7 Plus: iOS $9.99 / Android $9.99
  • SkySafari 7 Basic: iOS $2.99 / Android $2.99

SkySafari 7 also offers social stargazing, so you can see what others are looking at in real-time, event finder and notifications for shadow transit, solar eclipses, etc. It also has an improved interface, tilt-to-slew scope control and augmented reality voice control.

Sure, finding the best telescope deals or even the best binoculars deals is worth doing, but if you don't want any additional kit right now or you simply want to enhance your stargazing experience, then getting 60% off SkySafari 7 Pro is definitely worth considering.

Those using the Mac App store can only take a discount offer on SkySafari 6 versions, prices are: SS6 Pro: $19.99 / SS6 Plus: $14.99 / SS6 Basic: $4.99

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  • OldDogZeroOne
    Sounds great. Except when I follow the links to the Google app store it says, "this app is not available for your device". (A Samsung Galaxy 8) It says it for all three versions, basic, plus and pro. Guess I'll just keep using Stellarium Plus.