Cyber Monday: Save 34% on this 14-piece Celestron telescope eyepiece accessory kit

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If you've got one of the best telescopes, you may want one of the best telescope eyepieces as well. So this deal might pique your interest: As part of Amazon's Cyber Monday sale, it has reduced 34% off the price of the Celestron accessory kit. Get 14 different eyepieces and filters for just $151.96 instead of $229.95.

As long as your telescope supports 1.25-inch eyepieces, you'll be able to make use of this kit. Present inside a fancy and hard-wearing aluminum carrying case you'll find five Plössl eyepieces, six colored filters, a moon filter and a 2x Barlow lens.

Offering five different magnifications, the eyepieces will massively increase the power of your telescope. Included are a 6mm, 8mm, 13mm, 17mm and a 32mm eyepiece. Each one has a four-element design and offers a 52-degree field of view. Combine any eyepiece with the 2x Barlow lens to double its magnification but you must bear in mind the maximum useful magnification of your telescope (found on the manufacturer site or in the manual).

We aren't sure how long this deal is going to last, but with Black Friday behind us and Cyber Monday ending at midnight tonight, we'd recommend picking this up sooner rather than later if you fancy treating your telescope to an upgrade.

Celestron 14-piece eyepiece and filter accessory kit: was $229.95 now $151.95 at Amazon

Celestron 14-piece eyepiece and filter accessory kit: was $229.95 now $151.95 at Amazon

Save 34% on this very nicely presented accessory kit from Celestron. Packaged in a solid aluminum case, you'll get five eyepieces, a 2x Barlow lens and a set of colored filters, suitable for telescopes with a 1.25-inch eyepiece.

This is a seriously slick kit, presented in a hard-wearing metal box that will protect your telescope accessories from almost every eventuality. Handily, the box - with a durable foam interior - comes with space to add more accessories, too, so you can keep everything together in one place.

Thanks to the included 2x Barlow lens here, the Celestron accessory kit essentially provides 10 different magnifications for you to enjoy the night sky with. Each of the five eyepieces has a different magnification, and with the Barlow lens, it can be doubled for maximum magnification.

The eyepieces here are superior grade and excellent quality, so you know they're going to last. And because this kit is manufactured by Celestron - one of the leading names in astronomy - it comes with the company's standard two-year US warranty. If you have any problems, you've got peace of mind your kit can be repaired or replaced.

Key Specs: A 14-piece accessory kit that includes five eyepieces (6mm, 8mm, 13mm, 17mm and 32mm), a 2x Barlow lens, six colored filters, a moon filter and a solid aluminium storage case.

Consensus: This kit is a great way to level up your telescope, providing a wealth of different magnifications to enjoy the night sky. You might not used everything included, but it's nice to have options - and we absolutely love the hard-wearing case everything comes in. This is a seriously quality kit.

Buy if: You want to level up your telescope and experiment with some different magnifications and filters.

Don't buy if: You're a complete beginner just getting to grips with your telescope.

Alternative models: If your telescope has a larger eyepiece, Celestron does a similar accessory kit for 2-inch eyepieces, but it is more expensive. If you're on a budget, there's a CelticBird 13 piece telescope accessory kit for 1.25-inch eyepieces – but we'd rather have the guarantee of the Celestron brand.

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