These STEM kits are up to 60% off for Cyber Monday, including an amazing planetarium kit

Solar System Planetarium toy
Save big on this solar system planetarium model and other STEM kits for Cyber Monday. Credit: 4M (Image credit: 4M)

We've found amazing Cyber Monday deals on 3 learning kits all across the universe.

The starring member is a 4M solar system planetarium kit on sale right now at Amazon for $11.99, 20% off its usual price. Closer to home, a Playz volcanic eruption and lava lab science Experiments kit is on sale right now at Amazon for at Amazon for $17.97, at an incredible 60% discount. Or if you prefer looking at little things close up, this kids beginner microscope kit is on sale right now for at Amazon for $34.79, or 37% less than usual.

STEM is a great way to get kids learning about the basics of technical fields quickly, using real-world experiences. Builders will enjoy our Cyber Monday Lego deals featuring franchises like Star Wars, Marvel, DC or the space agency NASA. Budding rocketeers, depending on their age and skill, have their choice of high-fidelity Estes rockets or simple (yet satisfying) stomp rockets.

4M Solar System Planetarium Kit: $14.99 $11.99 at Amazon

4M Solar System Planetarium Kit: $14.99 $11.99 at Amazon

Artists and engineers alike will love the experience of building the solar system. The eight included planets will cheerily glow in the dark thanks to a huge kit of supplies. Also included is a wall chart and several sets of questions to satisfy kids' curiosity about our cosmic neighborhood.

The Playz Solar System Planetarium Kit (20% off for Cyber Monday) lets kids aged eight or older put together the eight major planets of our solar system. (Sadly, there is no Pluto or PlanetX included.) The goal is to get the kids building, painting and learning the order of the planets through direct experience. And have we mentioned that the completed set glows in the dark?

Budding artists will love the wealth of supplies included, as the kit has stencils, rods, string, and a squeeze glow paint pen. Curious kids will also get educational materials to round out their knowledge of the solar system, such as a wall chart and 10 sets of kid-friendly questions to test their knowledge. 


Playz Volcanic Eruption and Lava Lab Science Experiments Kit: $44.99 $17.97 at Amazon

While volcano kits are a staple of STEM learning, the Playz Volcanic Eruption and Lava Lab Science Experiments Kit (60% off for Cyber Monday) goes a step beyond what you saw in school. Kids aged eight or older can safely play with natural acids to learn how volcanoes work.

The kit teaches children all about the chemistry of volcanoes, minerals and natural gases. You'll get more than 20 tools, ingredients and parts that will be easy to use for both kids and adults (with pictures or text, depending on your child's learning style.)

Users report there's enough chemicals included for kids to run a few experiments, so this is a great opportunity to play with proportions or to try to hit certain volcanic metrics. 

AmScope Kids Beginner Microscope STEM Kit: $54.99 $34.79 at Amazon

AmScope Kids Beginner Microscope STEM Kit: $54.99 $34.79 at Amazon

Get your hands on the science of small items. This beginner's microscope shows kids how to magnify common items at up to 1200x. The 52-piece set easily stays together in a durable plastic case, when you need to step away from doing a science.

The AmScope Kids Beginner Microscope STEM Kit (37% off for Cyber Monday) is a great way to introduce the science of tiny things. This is a beginner's compound microscope for kids aged 8 and up that includes handy features such as LED and mirror illumination, and a built-in color filter wheel to play a little with spectroscopy, too.

The forward-facing rotating turret will bring kids through six magnifications, ranging from 120x to 1200x. Each of the pieces is durable and easy to use, thanks to the microscope's stain-resistant white metal frame.

In between uses, you can easily keep the 52 pieces organized using the hard-sided plastic case. Buyers report you'll also get an illustrated companion book to introduce you to the applications of microscopes.

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