Save 30% on this fun Lego Monkie Kid space playset this Black Friday weekend

Lego Monkie Kid Chang'e Moon Cake Factory
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If you're looking for a fun-loving space-themed Lego set, we've got a good one for you. Lego Monkie Kid Chang'e Moon Cake Factory has had its price cut by 30% in's Black Friday sale, making it just $48.99.

A realistic Lego space set this is not, but as far as colorful and fun playsets go, we don't think they get much better than this. Part of the Monkie Kid range that's inspired by Chinese legends, the Chang'e Moon Cake Factory is aimed at kids aged 8 and up and includes everything they need to build their own imaginative moon base. 

With an RRP of $69.99, you'll be keeping $21 in your pocket if you pick up this Black Friday Lego deal. You've got a couple of days to pick it up — providing stocks last — as we know that Lego's Black Friday deals are running into Cyber Monday, too. But come 11.59pm on Nov. 27, this deal (and all the rest) will be gone.

Because you're buying directly from with this deal, you'll also benefit from Lego Insiders offers. Providing you're a Lego Insider member (it's free to join!), you'll get points back on your purchase that equate to approximately 5% off everything you spend. Those points can then be used against your next purchase.

Lego Monkie Kid Chang'e Moon Cake Factory: was $69.99 now $48.99 at

Lego Monkie Kid Chang'e Moon Cake Factory: was $69.99 now $48.99 at

Save 30% on this super fun playset from Lego's Monkie Kid range. Made up of 609 pieces and including three minifigures, this 8+ Lego set includes everything a kid needs to create their own inventive cake-making moon base.

Lego Monkie Kid Chang'e Moon Cake Factory is made up of 609 pieces, and within that you'll find three minifigures: there's Chang'e, a Lunar Rabbit Robot and space-outfit Pigsy. You'll also find Mo, a blue cat who sports a mohawk. 

The set comes with instructions to help kids build a moon base, a carrot-shaped rocket, a moon cake production line and a bunny mech with built-in stud-shooters. There's a lot going on, then, making this a great set for imaginative, story-based play. 

For collectors, there's not a great deal of displayability with this set, but plenty of adult Lego fans will appreciate the unique minifigures and colorful parts used here.

Lego Monkie Kid Chang'e Moon Cake Factory

(Image credit: The LEGO Group)

Key Specs: 609 pieces, 3 minifigures (Chang'e, Lunar Rabbit Robot and Pigsy) and Mo the cat figure, age 8+, Lego item number 80032

Consensus: A fun set aimed squarely at kids, the Lego Monkie Kid Chang'e Moon Cake Factory is made up of 609 pieces and is all about imaginative play set in space. Containing a moon lander, a rocket and a bunny-shaped mech, we love how imaginative this set is.

Buy if: You're shopping for a youngster who loves Lego Monkie Kid sets and gets a kick out of imaginative play

Don't buy if: You're primarily looking for Lego sets suitable for adults — this isn't the type of set you'll put out on display.

Alternative models: Monkie Kid's Galactic Explorer also offers Monkie Kid-themed space fun, and it's also currently 30% off. The Lego City Lunar Research Base is one of our favourite space-themed Lego playsets, too.

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