Walmart's Lego City space deals are blasting off, with 20% off this Cyber Monday

Save 20% on these Lego City space sets with this early Black Friday deal at Walmart
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Update: After running out of stock on Black Friday, Walmart's deal on the Lego City Rocket and Launch Control set is once again available. You can save $20 off its usual $80 price. Read on for the deal's details below but if this set's on your holiday list, you should act fast.

This is ground control to Major Tom - never mind the ignition, check out these Lego City space shuttle and rocket deals over at Walmart. Perfect for your little aspiring astronauts, or even adult space fans who want to build a couple of great space-themed Lego kits. This pair are the best Lego space deals we’ve seen so far this Cyber Monday.

Right now, you can get the Lego City Rocket and Launch Control set for just $80 at Walmart, down from the usual price of $100. That’s a $20 saving on this excellent rocket building kit that comes with 6 minifigures and a multistage, NASA-inspired rocket. There is even a little rover and space telescope for your kids to recreate their own NASA missions with. You may want to act fast on this set. On Black Friday, it did sell out, but today Walmart has found new stock and it may not last.

If you want something even cheaper, you can also pick up the Lego City Space Mars Research Shuttle for $31.99 at Walmart, down from it’s usual price of $40. That’s a 20% discount on it’s usual price, and this Space Shuttle inspired kit is already fantastic value.

LEGO City Space Mars Research Shuttle: Was $39.99 now $31.99 at Walmart

LEGO City Space Mars Research Shuttle: Was $39.99 now $31.99 at Walmart

Save $8 on the Lego City space shuttle. Inspired by the real thing, this set comes with working cargo bay doors, a rover with an articulated grappling arm, and a heli drone with spinning rotors. It’s a great kit for kids who love all things space.

LEGO City Rocket and Launch Control: Was $99.99 now $80 at Walmart

LEGO City Rocket and Launch Control: Was $99.99 now $80 at Walmart

Save $20 on this awesome Lego launch pad and rocket. Send your minifigures into the stars with this highly playable, multistage rocket. It comes with a rover, complete with moving grappling arm for delicate space missions.

The Lego City space kits are ideal for younger space fans who want to build and play with spaceships, but aren’t ready to take on the more complicated (and expensive) NASA builds that Lego sells.

We’re huge fans of the LEGO City Rocket and Launch Control set, as it just has so much play and detail in it. The rocket itself has multiple stages that all detach, just like a real rocket does during takeoff. It also has a whopping 6 minifigures - 2 astronauts, 2 scientists, the Launch Director and a ground crew technician. Then there is the mission control tower itself, which even has a working countdown to launch function. Combine that with the little satellite and lunar rover, and you can run an entire space mission from launch to landing. 

The LEGO City Space Mars Research Shuttle is stylized and has its own unique flair, but it’s unmistakably based on the actual space shuttle that we know and love. It has the white upper body and black lower section to represent the heat resistant tiles that keep the shuttle safe during re-entry, only this time it’s landing on Mars, not Earth. 

It also has those iconic cargo bay doors on the top, which open up to release satellites and other cargo during spaceflight. The addition of the two astronaut minifigs and rover mean that your kids can act out Mars missions - one of them can even be a little Matt Damon if they are fans of The Martian.

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