Black Friday drone deal: Save up to $240 on this Ruko F11Pro drone

A Ruko F11Pro camera drone, with a remote and case below it.
(Image credit: Amazon / Ruko)

Looking to get into the fine art of drone-flying, or just want to snap pictures from the air?  This camera-equipped Ruko F11PRO drone could be just what you need. It's won't break the bank but it's easy enough to fly, even on a windy day. 

You can get the Ruko F11PRO drone for $239.99 at Amazon right now and there's an on-listing voucher for up to $80 off on top of that. 

This is a brilliant bundle for beginners, offering up to 60 minutes of flight time before you have to head off home. And at $239.99 this Black Friday, this is the lowest the Ruko F11PRO has ever been. But it gets even better. 

Head over to Amazon and you should seen an additional voucher (make sure you tick the box) for between $50 and $80 off, making this as low as $159.99. You really couldn't ask for more. 

Ruko F11PRO was $397.99 now $239.99 from Amazon (lower with voucher)

Ruko F11PRO
was $397.99 now $239.99 from Amazon (lower with voucher)

Save $158 or more on this Ruko F11Pro camera drone bundle. This is a great beginner-level drone, with enough power, thanks to its two included batteries, to keep you flying for an hour. And you may be able to get it even cheaper with the on-listing Amazon coupon. 

This Ruko F11PRO drone is great if you're a newcomer to the world of drone flying, especially with Amazon's voucher deal bringing it down to $160-$180. 

It may not be the lightest drone around (you'll typically have to pay more for those) but it's still very portable. Fold it up and pop it in the supplied case and away you go. And the deal includes two batteries which will let you fly for up to an hour.

We had some good things to say about its brother, the Ruko F11GIM 2 (our review),  and the F11Pro should be just easy to get to grips with. Plus, with level 7 wind resistance, you won't have to wait for a calm day to get out there and get flying.

Or if you're looking for something a little different, here's our guide to 2023's best drones. 

The Ruko F11Pro neatly folded up.

The Ruko F11Pro folds up neatly, making it easy to carry. (Image credit: Ruko)

Key Specs: Weight - 520g, Size - 17.51x15.76x3.14in unfolded, 17.51x15.76x3.14in folded.  Max control range - 3937ft (max transmission range 1640ft), image resolution 3840x2160, video resolution 1280x720p. Flight time - 30mins per battery (2 included). 

Consensus: At this price, the Ruko F11Pro is a fantastic buy. With the two bundled batteries you can soar for up to an hour and while there are lighter, more powerful drones, this is still a great deal for newcomers to the hobby. 

Buy if: You want a great, portable beginner-level drone that's easy to fly but which won't cost you the Earth if you do manage to crash it. 

Don't buy if: You want 4K video, are looking for a powerhouse drone, or aren't a fan of the look. As handy as this drone is, it's not the sleekest ever. 

Alternative models: If you're willing to spend more, check out our review of the DJI Mini 3 Pro. It's more powerful and compact and its remote has a built in screen. The DJI Mini 3 Pro is $110 off for Black Friday

Or for another beginner-level model, take a look at the Holy Stone HS720G, which has better video resolution and is a little sleeker. The Holy Stone HS720G is also 50% off in Amazon's Black Friday sale

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