Save over $150 on Sightmark Solitude 8x42 XD binoculars for Black Friday

Save over $150 on Sightmark Solitude 8x42 XD binoculars for Black Friday
The Sightmark Solitude 8x42 XD binoculars are nearly 40% off for Black Friday. Credit: Sightmark (Image credit: Sightmark)

We spotted a great binoculars deal for Black Friday that will enhance your skywatching activities.

The Sightmark Solitude 8x42 XD Binocular set is on sale right now at Amazon for $299.00. That is a nearly 40% deal off the usual price, representing one of the best binocular discounts this Black Friday.

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Sightmark Solitude 8x42 XD Binoculars:$467.99$299.00 at Amazon

Sightmark Solitude 8x42 XD Binoculars: $467.99 $299.00 at Amazon

This 8x42 set is the perfect compact, lightweight set to tote on your astronomy adventures. It has high-quality, multicoated optics and extra low dispersion glass for ultimate image quality.

At 8x42, the Sightmark Solitude binocular can be used for handheld stargazing, although you could always fit them into a tripod if you would like to use them for astrophotography or to give your arms a rest. This binocular set is waterproof, fog proof and dust proof, which will allow you to take it outside in dewy conditions as long as you use them with care. Just make sure to protect it in a case in between.

What we like about this set is its emphasis on high-quality, multi-coated optics. The Sightmark Solitude binocular uses extra low dispersion glass to improve the image and has phase corrected Bak-4 roof prisms for high refraction, further enhancing your view.

Binoculars are a perfect way to get started in astronomy at a low price point, or to continue it if you want to invest in a well-trusted brand like Sightmark. Binoculars can be used to observe planets, the moon and brighter objects like M31 (the Andromeda Galaxy).

Skywatching in general is a perfect pandemic activity as it encourages highly dispersed groups outside, so you'll be happy to have such a portable and high-quality set available to safely participate in star parties and other local astronomy events.

Users report that the weight feels just right in their hands and that it is easy to focus the binoculars, making it ideal for even casual trips outside to look at long night sky events like eclipses. 

At such a massive discount, the Sightmark Solitude 8x42 XD binocular set is sure to sell out quickly at this reduced price, so make sure to get your set secured before the deal expires.

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