Save $30 on the Encalife Aurora Star Projector for Black Friday

Encalife aurora star projector black friday deal
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Star projectors can create a relaxing atmosphere in almost any room, projecting stunning colors onto your walls and ceiling. They often fluctuate in price, so it's a great idea to snap up one of the Black Friday deals while they're cheap. 

We love this Encalife Aurora Borealis Star Projector deal, now $79.97 at Amazon for Black Friday. With smart app integration and over 16.7 million aurora colors, you don't need to go to the North Pole to see the aurora this winter. 

When we reviewed the Encalife Aurora Borealis Star Projector, we loved how many features it has and thought the built-in Bluetooth speaker was surprisingly good quality. We thought it gave realistic-looking aurora projections and we loved its musical rhythm mode.

We think it's one of the best star projectors and would be fantastic for wowing at space-themed parties.

Encalife Aurora Borealis Star Projector was $109.97 now $79.97 at Amazon. 

Encalife Aurora Borealis Star Projector was $109.97 now $79.97 at Amazon

Save $30 on one of our favorite star projectors — it has an integrated app and quite literally millions of color options, plus it can sync to the rhythm of your music.

When we reviewed the Encalife Aurora Borealis Star Projector, we loved its musical rhythm mode which adjusts the lighting display to the mood of your music, projecting the colors, stars and moon to the different sounds in the music, creating an exciting and dynamic display. It doesn't have any voice control, but you can use the in-built app to control it.  

For a sleek, modern and functional star projector, this Black Friday deal is certainly worth taking advantage of. It's not scientifically accurate, but if all you want it for are the vibes, you can't go wrong.

Key Specs: 5.9 x 5.1 x 6.3-inches (150 x 130 x 160mm), 1.9 lbs (862g), powered by USB cable and wall power pack, 16.7 million nebula colors, music rhythm mode, in-built speaker, Bulb Type: LED and laser, sleep timer function.

Consensus: It's highly customizable, the patterns are realistic and the music rhythm mode is impressive. This is one of our favorites.

Buy if: You want a relaxing atmosphere and the ability to pair it with music.

Don't buy if: You want scientific accuracy.

Alternative models: If you want something that projects scientifically accurate views, check out the Sega Toys Homestar Flux. Or if you're on a budget, try the Bliss Lights Sky Lite Evolve

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