Double discount Black Friday drone deal: Over 65% off, save $405!

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We're still picking our jaws up off the floor of this unbelievable deal. The Bwine F7GB2 drone is now less than half price as part of Amazon's Black Friday deal – it should be $619.99 but you can currently pick it up for just $214.99.

This is a double discount deal: Amazon has reduced the price by 49% in a Black Friday deal, but there's also a $100 coupon to be applied as you add the Bwine F7GB2 drone to your basket. Make sure you tick the 'Apply $100 coupon' box before adding this amazing deal to your basket to save the full amount.

We've been hands-on and testing this drone, though we're yet to publish our review on the Bwine F7GB2 drone, but we enjoy its interesting design and its sturdy build quality. It shoots up to 4K video, and its 3-axis mechanical gimbal offers decent control. There's plenty included in the box, too, including a spare set of propellers should things go awry in flight, which is a nice touch.

Based on our time with the Bwine F7GB2 drone, we'd recommend this for beginners and casual pilots: there's a lot to like here, but its image quality doesn't compare to more expensive drones. That's to be expected, though, with the best drones often costing multiple thousands. At this discounted price, this drone is an absolute steal and will make a great starting point for anyone looking to take to the skies.

Bwine F7GB2 drone: was $619.99 now $214.99 at Amazon

Bwine F7GB2 drone: was $619.99 now $214.99 at Amazon

Save a whopping $405 on this drone from Bwine, one of the biggest Black Friday savings we've seen yet. At $619.99, this drone was admittedly a little overpriced. But at $214.99? It's an incredible deal. This drone will make a great starting point for drone newbies and those curious about the hobby. Make sure you tick the $100 coupon on Amazon.

It might not be a brand you're familiar with, but if you're looking for a beginner drone, this Bwine F7GB2 is well worth considering - especially at this price. It's equipped with a 4K camera and a 3-axis gimbal, and the ability to adjust 90 degrees. There's also a 5x digital zoom if you want to get closer to the action (at the expense of image clarity).

The package comes with two batteries, and between them, you'll get up to 50 minutes of flight time. To keep you steady while you're in the air, the Bwine F7GB2 has built-in level 6 wind resistance, so a change in weather shouldn't affect your flight. 

The range of the drone is up to 3km, meaning you can fly a decent distance without worrying about keeping up. It's also packed with GPS features, such as GPS Auto Return, Follow Me and Waypoints.

Key Specs: weight 19.40oz / 550g, up to 50 minutes flight time with two included batteries, USB charging, three modes, video transmission range of 9800ft/3km, video resolution of 4K at 15fps and 2.7k at 30fps

Consensus: This isn't the best drone on the market but you'll be hard pushed to find one better for this price point. It's an absolute steal, and while its features aren't groundbreaking, it will make a great starting drone for a beginner.

Buy if: You're looking to get into drone flying for the first time and you appreciate a ridiculous discount

Don't buy if: You're a seasoned drone user and want something with cutting-edge visuals.

Alternative models: The DJI Mini 3 is one of the best beginner drones, but it's a little more costly. If you really want to watch your wallet, the Potensic Atom SE is recommended as a great budget option.

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