Get your sci-fi fix with HBO Max at $1.99 a month for three months

Get Your Sci-Fi Fix With HBO Max at $1.99 A Month For Three Months
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If you've got a taste for science fiction, HBO Max's Black Friday deal - which knocks 80% off the price off a monthly subscription - is a must. 

At just $1.99 a month for three months, you can feast your eyes on over 2,000 movies and over 500 shows. Plus, you can watch HBO's ongoing shows as and when they air. 

There's an absolute wealth of sci-fi and space-based content, ranging from shows like The Leftovers and the somewhat divisive Westworld, through to movies like Blade Runner and Ex Machina. And if you like a bit of fantasy too, don't forget Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon is on HBO too.

Or if you prefer something a little more grounded, you can binge-watch From the Earth to the Moon, HBO's Emmy award-winning docudrama about the Apollo program. 

There's just so much here to watch and at $1.99 for those first three months, it's an absolutely stellar deal. Of course, if HBO isn't for you (or you already have it) there are plenty more Black Friday streaming deals at the moment.

HBO Max: Was $9.99now$1.99 a month at HBO 

HBO Max: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Was $9.99 now $1.99 a month at HBO 

With shows and movies like Westworld, Avenue 5, the Leftovers, Ex Machina, From the Earth to the Moon, HBO Max is a treasure trove for sci-fi fans and space enthusiasts alike.

With Black Friday looming larger than Moonfall's lunar apocalypse, there are deals aplenty to be had. But unlike some impulse buys, HBO Extra's Black Friday offer is going to keep you busy well into next year. 

For just $1.99 a month for three months you can sign up for HBO Max's ad-supported tier. After those three months the price goes up to $9.99 but you're not locked in and you can cancel whenever you like. So, while HBO would like you to stick around there's nothing to stop you enjoying three months of sci-fi shows and then parting company with the service. 

But, believe us, there are plenty of reasons to stick around. HBO Extra has a massive library of movies, shows, documentaries and docudramas. A great many of those are sci-fi based and there's enough content to keep you going for years to come. 

There's the superb The Leftovers which sees 2% of the Earth's population disappear which, while Thanos might scoff, has a profound effect on the world. Westworld might have lost its way a little but the first season, at the very least, is absolutely worth your time. 

There are plenty of the best sci-fi movies, too, mixed in with more recent offerings. You can watch Ridley Scott's Blade Runner: The Final Cut and then dive right into follow-up Blade Runner 2049.

Plus, there are ongoing shows like Avenue 5, about a galactic cruise ship that veers off course and with only enough supplies for eight weeks... well, we won't spoil it for you. But you can catch the second season airing every week on HBO Max.

In short, for $1.99 a month this is all a sci-fan or space aficionado could want.

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