NASA's InSight Mars Lander: Full Coverage

NASA's INSIGHT HAS LANDED ON MARS! NASA made history on Nov. 26 with its newest Mars probe, the InSight Mars lander, will touch down on the flat plains of Elysium Planitia to study the Red Planet's core like never before. Armed with a crane, heat probe and seismometer, InSight will look deep to understand Marsquakes and other Martian secrets. See our full coverage of the mission below.

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Artist's rendition of the InSight lander on the surface of Mars. (Image credit: NASA)

Complete Coverage

Friday, Jan. 11

NASA's InSight Lander on Mars Is Now Hunting for Marsquakes
NASA's InSight Mars lander is officially hunting for quakes on the Red Planet.


Thursday, Dec. 20

NASA's InSight Lander Plops Seismometer on Mars to Hunt Marsquakes
For the first time ever, a robot has deployed a science instrument onto the surface on Mars.

NASA Builds a 'Martian Rock Garden' to Prep Moves for InSight Mars Lander
NASA's Mars InSight lander is gearing up to deploy its science instruments on the Red Planet. Here on Earth, InSight's twin spacecraft, ForeSight, has beat it to the punch.

Wednesday, Dec. 19

NASA's InSight Lander Plays the Claw Game on Mars for 1st Time (Video )
Thankfully, NASA's InSight Mars lander is far better at the claw game than I am.

Monday, Dec. 17

What's the Weather On Mars? How NASA's Insight Lander Will Find Out.
NASA's new Mars lander isn't quite ready to probe the Red Planet's interior yet, but it's starting to get the lay of the land on the surface — and in the atmosphere.

Thursday, Dec. 13

NASA's Insight Lander on Mars Spotted from Space!
NASA's newly arrived Mars lander has been spotted by one its orbiting cousins.

Mars InSight's 'Mole' Should Start Burrowing into the Red Planet Next Month
NASA's Mars InSight lander has settled into its new home on Elysium Planitia and is preparing to deploy its instruments — and if all goes well, one device's work should be complete by March.

Friday, Dec. 7

NASA's InSight Mars Lander 'Hears' Martian Wind, a Cosmic First
For the first time in history, we can hear the wind on Mars. Well, sort of.

Thursday, Dec. 6

NASA's InSight Lander on Mars Just Snapped Awesome New Views of Its Home
NASA's Mars InSight lander, which touched down on the Red Planet Nov. 26, is starting to settle into its new home and prepare for its scientific work — and the robot has shared three new photographs of its progress with its minders here on Earth.

Wednesday, Dec. 5

NASA's Insight Mars Lander Raises Robotic Arm in Touchdown Triumph Photo
The InSight Mars lander apparently celebrates success with a simple, sustained arm raise.

Sunday, Dec. 2

NASA's InSight Lander on Mars Just Set a Solar Power Record!
During its full first day on Mars, NASA's solar-powered InSight lander generated more electrical power in one day than any previous Mars vehicle has, mission team members said.

Thursday, Nov. 29

Soar Over NASA's InSight Landing Site on Mars in This Stunning Video
A new video gives a bird's-eye view of the patch of Mars that NASA's InSight lander now calls home.

Success of Tiny Mars Probes Heralds New Era of Deep-Space Cubesats
The era of the interplanetary cubesat has definitively dawned.

Wednesday, Nov. 28

Landing on Mars Really Messes with Your Work Schedule
Time zones are always tricky — but interplanetary time differences are even harder to keep track of, and now that NASA's Mars InSight lander has successfully landed on the Red Planet, that's precisely what mission staff members have to do.

No, Mars InSight Won't Be Searching for Alien Life. Here's What It IS Looking For.
InSight touched down on Mars Monday (Nov. 26), joining Mars' other robotic inhabitants: Curiosity, Opportunity and Spirit (though only Curiosity is currently "live," sending signals back to Earth). You may be wondering if InSight will meet native forms of life during its stay on Mars; alas, that question will remain unanswered.

Why Is NASA Looking for 'Marsquakes'?
Scientists are keeping their fingers crossed for numerous quakes — marsquakes, that is.

Tuesday, Nov. 27

InSight's Mars Landing Warms the Hearts of Chilled Space Buffs in Times Square
A group of about 40 space enthusiasts huddled under umbrellas yesterday (Nov. 26) as the lights in Times Square transmitted news of the "perilous" landing maneuver to bring NASA's InSight spacecraft down to the surface of Mars.

NASA's InSight Lands on Mars with Braille 'Easter Egg' Hidden in Sight
NASA's InSight, newly arrived on the surface of Mars, will study what cannot be seen — and includes a nod to those without sight.

Mars InSight Stuck the Landing. Here's the First Thing It Did.
Mars has a new robotic inhabitant on its surface. 

Monday, Nov. 26

Touchdown on Mars! NASA's InSight Lands to Peer Inside the Red Planet
NASA's InSight lander touched down safely on the Martian surface today (Nov. 26), pulling off the first successful Red Planet landing since the Curiosity rover's arrival in August 2012.

Behold! Here's the 1st Photo from Mars from NASA's InSight Lander.
NASA's InSight lander touched down on the Red Planet today (Nov. 26) just before 3 p.m. EST (2000 GMT) and beamed home its first image from the surface mere minutes later.

This Farewell Photo of Mars by an Interplanetary Cubesat Is Absolutely Amazing
NASA's pair of Mars Cube One satellites have broken every record in their path — and now, MarCO-B has become the first small satellite to capture a stunning farewell portrait of another planet. 

As NASA Celebrates Mars Landing, a Busy Future Awaits, Agency's Chief Says
It's a busy time for NASA, and as the agency's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) celebrated the successful touchdown of its InSight Mars lander today (Nov. 26), agency Administrator Jim Bridenstine is focused on the future.

Pence Hails NASA's InSight Mars Landing Success & Other Reactions
Congratulations are rolling in for the Mars InSight team after NASA successfully touched down on the Red Planet.

NASA's InSight Mars Lander: Amazing Landing Day Photos!
NASA's InSight Mars lander successfully touched down on the Red Planet on Nov. 26, 2018, after a nearly 7-month journey and nail-biting 6 minute landing sequence. See amazing photos from the successful landing.

Watch from Inside Mission Control As NASA's InSight Attempts Mars Landing
NASA's InSight Mars lander arrives at the Red Planet today, and NASA will offer live 360-degree views inside its mission control center when it happens.

First Cubesats to Visit Another Planet Will End Mars Mission Today
Two tiny trailblazing satellites hitched a ride to Mars with NASA's InSight lander in May, becoming the first small satellites to leave Earth's friendly neighborhood — but today (Nov. 26), they are nearing the end of their mission.

NASA's InSight Mars Lander Reaches Mars Today! Here's What to Expect
After a nearly seven-month deep-space journey that covered more than 300 million miles (483 million kilometers), NASA's InSight lander is set to touch down on Mars today (Nov. 26).

Sunday, Nov. 25

Here's What Mars Looks Like Now to a Tiny Cubesat Chasing NASA's InSight Lander
A tiny cubesat cruising through interplanetary space has captured a new glimpse of Mars, just before watching NASA's InSight lander touch down the Red Planet.

'Mars Is Hard': Tension Rises for NASA's InSight Landing on Red Planet
NASA's InSight Mars lander is scheduled to touch down on the Red Planet tomorrow afternoon (Nov. 26), and mission team members and agency officials are understandably nervous about the make-or-break moment.

Journey to the Center of the Red Planet: NASA's InSight Lander to Reveal the Secrets Inside Mars
Mars is the second-most studied planet — only behind our own — but we know virtually nothing about its interior. That's about to change with NASA's InSight. 

Get Ready for InSight Mars Landing's '6 Minutes of Terror'
When NASA's InSight mission arrives at Mars on Monday (Nov. 26), the probe faces a formidable challenge — perhaps the most harrowing so far of its seven-month journey — touching down on the planet's surface.

Saturday, Nov. 24

Red Planet InSight: Why Do We Keep Going Back to Mars?
Viewing parties around the world will tune in this Monday (Nov. 26) to watch NASA's latest Martian probe finally attempt to land on the Red Planet.

How to Find an InSight Mars Landing Event Across Europe and North America
NASA’s InSight lander is set to touch down on Mars this Monday (Nov. 26). Why do we keep sending robots to the Red Planet?

Friday, Nov. 23

Here's Why NASA's InSight Will Land on a 'Boring' Part of Mars
NASA is just days away from plopping its robotic geoscientist, the Mars InSight lander, onto the surface of the Red Planet — but if all goes smoothly, the explorer won't have much of a view to enjoy.

Thursday, Nov. 22

NASA's InSight Lander Will Look Inside Mars Like Never Before. Here's Why.
On Monday (Nov. 26), Mars fans around the globe will watch eagerly to see NASA land a new mission called InSight on the Red Planet — but for the scientists who built the mission, the real excitement will just be getting started.

Wednesday, Nov. 21

For NASA's InSight Mars Lander, All Systems Are Go for Monday Touchdown
All systems are go for landing on Mars on Nov. 26, NASA personnel affiliated with the InSight mission confirmed during a pair of news conferences held today (Nov. 21).

Monday, Nov. 19

NASA's InSight Mars Lander Touches Down 1 Week from Today!
NASA's InSight Mars lander will touch down on the Red Planet 

NASA Is Landing on Mars Soon! Here's How to Watch the InSight Excitement.
NASA's InSight lander will arrive at the Red Planet on the afternoon of Nov. 26, hopefully amid a flurry of celebratory whoops akin to those elicited by the successful touchdown of the Curiosity Mars rover on Aug. 5, 2012. 

Saturday, Nov. 17

Here's How NASA's Mars InSight Will Phone Home After Its Dramatic Landing
Like any dutiful creation, NASA's Mars InSight lander has promised to phone home upon safely reaching its destination on Nov. 26.

Wednesday, Nov. 7

Why NASA Chose a 'Vanilla Ice Cream' Landing Site on Mars for the InSight Lander
Sometimes, boring is best — and that's certainly true when you're trying to set a lander down on the surface of Mars, where any eventfulness is likely bad news.

Thursday, Nov. 1

6 Minutes of Terror: What NASA's InSight Mars Lander Faces to Reach the Red Planet
NASA has enjoyed a nice run of success landing robots on Mars lately, but that doesn't mean the agency is getting cocky ahead of next month's touchdown of the InSight lander. 

Friday, Oct. 26

1 Month to Mars! NASA's InSight Lander Nearing Red Planet Touchdown
One month from today, Mars will welcome a new robotic resident that seeks to probe the planet's innards.

Monday, Aug. 20

NASA's InSight Mars Lander Snaps a Selfie at Halfway Mark to Red Planet
NASA's newest spacecraft bound for Mars is halfway to its destination and is in good condition, the agency announced today (Aug. 20). The probe even snapped a selfie in space to mark the milestone.

Monday, June 18

Gravity Assist Podcast: InSight, with Bruce Banerdt
NASA's new Chief Scientist, Dr Jim Green, talks to Bruce Banerdt, who is the lead scientist on the latest mission to Mars: InSight.

Thursday, May 24

NASA's InSight Mars Lander Fires Up Its Engines in Space for 1st Time
NASA's InSight Mars lander performed its first engine burn on Tuesday (May 22), refining its course toward the Red Planet.

Tuesday, May 8

The Best Views of NASA's InSight Mars Lander Launch? From an Airplane and Mountain!
When NASA launched its Mars InSight lander from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California early Saturday morning (May 5), a thick blanket of fog prevented onlookers from being able to see the Atlas V rocket as it soared into orbit.

Sunday, May 6

NASA's InSight Mars Lander Has Left Earth: So What's Next for the Probe?
NASA's InSight Mars lander is now cruising to the Red Planet.

Saturday, May 5

NASA's InSight Mars Lander Launches to Probe Red Planet's Deep Interior
NASA's latest Mars explorer is on its way to the Red Planet.

Friday, May 4

NASA's InSight Mars Lander Almost Didn't Happen. Here's How It Was Saved.
NASA's next Mars mission almost didn't happen.

VP Pence Visits NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory Ahead of Mars InSight Launch
Vice President Mike Pence made a visit to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, last Saturday (April 28) to tour the facility and check out the preparations for NASA's newest Mars mission.

Thursday, May 3

NASA Gives 'Go' for InSight Mars Lander Launch, Visible or Not
NASA's next Mars-bound spacecraft is ready to launch — even if there is a better than likely chance that no one will be able to see it when it leaves the ground.

West to Mars: NASA's InSight Mars Lander to Make Historic West Coast Launch
In its 60 year history, NASA has launched more than 50 spacecraft to study the solar system beyond Earth and its moon. Despite the long record, the agency's next mission will do something no other U.S. interplanetary probe has done before.

Measuring Marsquakes: How NASA's InSight Lander Will Peer Inside Red Planet
When we look up at Mars in the night sky we see a red planet - largely due to its rusty surface. But what's on the inside?

Wednesday, May 2

Deep InSight: NASA's Next Mars Lander Will Probe Red Planet's Interior
NASA is about to launch a spacecraft that will investigate Mars' deepest, darkest secrets.

Older Stories

Watch NASA's Mars InSight Lander Arrive at Its California Launch Site
NASA's InSight lander is one step closer to the Red Planet since arriving at its launch site, where final preparations are underway for liftoff in May.

360-Degree View: In the Lab with NASA's InSight Mars Lander
A new 360-degree video on NASA's YouTube channel shows an engineering model of the InSight lander testing out instrument deployment in a simulated Martian environment at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in California.

Meet the Next Mars Lander: Getting Insight on NASA's InSight
NASA's next Mars lander is in the final phases of preparation before heading to California's Vandenberg Air Force Base, where it will become the first interplanetary mission ever to launch from that site.

Send Your Name to Mars Aboard NASA's InSight Lander!
NASA is offering another chance for you to send your name to Mars aboard the InSight lander launching to the Red Planet next year.

Will NASA's InSight Mars Mission Launch in 2018?
The grounded Mars lander was supposed to have launched by now -- will it be re-scheduled for 2018? NASA is mulling it over.

In NASA First, Cubesats Headed to Mars with InSight Lander
Two tiny cubesats, the first NASA plans to send to another planet, will keep watch on the agency’s InSight mission as it descends to the Martian surface.

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