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DJI Air 2S
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If you're looking for some flying fun, or an excuse to enjoy the last of the Summer sun, then you're in luck as you can now save over $300 on DJI drone and drone sets on Amazon. 

There's numerous discounts to be had, and we've highlighted the very best. The reason we like these deals so much is because DJI models feature heavily in our best drones and best camera drones guides. The pick of the deals on offer that we've found is $200 (20%) off the DJI Air 2S (renewed) which is small, lightweight, easy to fly and has excellent image quality.

The other deals on offer aren't to be dismissed so easily either. You can also save $300 (23%) off the DJI FPV combo. That's a colossal saving on a drone that's bags of fun to fly and really captures the first person viewing experience. Last and by no means least you can get $80 off on the DJI Mavic Mini combo too. You get the usual DJI quality in all of the models and we rate all three as some of the best on the market.

DJI Air 2S$999now $799 on Amazon

DJI Air 2S $999 now $799 on Amazon

Save $200 on a brilliant drone that's easy to fly and offers a foldable design meaning you can carry it at dimensions as little as 180x97x77mm and weight of just 595g. It also shoots stills in both JPEG and RAW formats and videos up to 5.4K at 30fps - 4K for higher frame rates. 

Note: This is a renewed model - meaning it has been refurbished. It's renewed to a standard as if it were brand new and comes with a 90-day Amazon guarantee. 

DJI FPV Combo$1299now $999 on Amazon

DJI FPV Combo $1299 now $999 on Amazon

Save $300 on a first person view drone that offers bags of fun. Eyewatering speeds of up to 87mph are possible as well as shooting videos in 4K up to 60fps. Goggles are included to complete the truly immersive FPV experience.

DJI Mavic Mini Combo$499now $419 on Amazon

DJI Mavic Mini Combo $499 now $419 on Amazon

Save $80 on a mini drone set that only weighs 250g, takes images at 12MP and videos in 7K HD. It also comes with a host of extras including a remote controller, three flight batteries that give half an hour of flight time, three spare propellers and a list of useful items that would have you reading this section forever - not to be overlooked. 

You've heard how good these drones and their savings are, but now it's time to get into why they're so good. $200 off the DJI Air 2S (renewed) is a big saving, and it's a top model too. It features a foldable design which means it can have a carry size of just 180x97x77mm and a weight of just 595g. It's easy to fly and captures video in up to 5.4K at 30fps and 4K for higher frame rates - it also shoots stills in RAW and JPEG formats.

Then there's a colossal saving of $300 on the DJI FPV Combo, which is nothing but fun. While you will need someone to go with you as a spotter, this combo comes with DJI goggles V2 for a truly immersive first person experience. It's also easier to fly than some other FPV drones, can reach speeds of up to an eyewatering 87mph and shoots video in a brilliant 4K up to 60fps - images are not it's strong point. 

Lastly, there's $80 off the DJI Mavic Mini combo, which might seem like a measly saving in comparison, but it's easily the most cost effective drone in these savings. It weighs less than 250g so you don't have to register your drone anywhere, has half an hour of flight time with a full battery and can take photos at 12MP and 7K HD videos. It also comes with a host of extras so whatever you're looking for in a drone, you're sure to find what you're looking for here, and bag a bargain in the process. If you're new to drones, this is one of the best beginner drones out there.

If none of these drones seem right for you, check out our drone deals page for more great offers on drones from DJI, Ryze, Skydio, Autel, and more.

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