Get a Celestron smartphone-telescope adapter for less than $15 in this Cyber Week deal

Celestron smartphone-telescope adapter
(Image credit: Celestron)

Cyber Monday and Black Friday may be over, but we still have the Cyber Week sales to scroll through. One little gadget that caught our eye today was this Celestron smartphone-telescope adapter, which has been reduced by $5 to just $14.49 on Amazon.

If you've invested in one of the best telescopes recently, you may be disappointed to find that your model doesn't let you easily snap photos when you've lined your scope up on something interesting. That's where this handy smartphone adapter comes in - using this little appliance, you can secure your phone to your eyepiece and snap away at the night sky with ease.


Celestron basic smartphone adapter | Was $19.95 | Now $14.49
You can save over $5 on this helpful smartphone to telescope adapter, which makes it easier to capture images of the lunar craters once you've lined up your scope. Compatible with most smartphones and telescopes, it secures to your eyepiece through some easy-to-use knobs.

Although some Celestron models come with this accessory thrown into the price, plenty of them don't. And as we've seen a good amount of telescope deals landing this year from other brands, it's likely that there are some new scopes sitting in people's backyards without this little feature available. 

Compatible with most telescope eyepieces - and most smartphones - the adapter can be secured to your eyepiece through tightening knobs that secure your phone in place. It doesn't just work on telescopes though, as it can also be used on binoculars, monoculars and spotting scopes too. Here, it works through the same principle; simply secure your phone in place, then secure the adapter to your eyepiece to line up your photo.

Celestron smartphone adapter

(Image credit: Celestron)

Smartphones in general are a useful little tool for astronomy, as they can be packed with some of the best stargazing apps and provide a handy flashlight in the dark. When you combine your cell and telescope with this little gadget, it provides an easy introduction to smartphone astrophotography, too.

There's no word on when this deal may end, so you may want to move quickly if you want to snap it up for your wintertime stargazing.

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Celestron basic smartphone adapter | Was $19.95 | Now $14.49
This helpful adapter fits most smartphones and telescopes, and allows you to snap photos through your eyepiece. Now $5 cheaper than usual, it's the ideal accessory for a budding astrophotographer.

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