These Celestron SkyMaster binoculars are less than half price in the Prime Day deals

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If you're looking for a great pair of binoculars for astronomy, Amazon has got you covered. With impressive 80mm objective lenses and powerful 20x magnification, these SkyMaster binoculars from Celestron are now 55% off in the Prime Day deals, making them just $90.86. 

These binoculars are ideal for stargazing, as their large aperture enables exceptional light-gathering capability, resulting in brighter and more detailed celestial views. With their high magnification, you can easily observe the moon's craters, the moons of Jupiter and even some deep-sky objects like star clusters and nebulas. Additionally, their wide field of view allows you to take in the wonders of the night sky and explore constellations with ease. We regularly recommend Celestron's binoculars in our buying guides — check out best binoculars, binocular deals, best compact binoculars and best night vision binoculars.

Celestron SkyMaster 20x80 was $199.95 now $90.86 at Amazon. 

Celestron SkyMaster 20x80 was $199.95 now $90.86 at Amazon

Save over $100 on the Celestron SkyMaster 20x80 binoculars in the Prime Day deals — perfect for stargazing, their 80mm objectives let in plenty of light and the 20x magnification captures stunning detail. You don't want to miss this deal.

An objective lens cap, rain guard, carrying case, neck strap and lens cloth are all included — it also has a tripod adapter, which is particularly useful for extended periods of viewing. We wouldn't necessarily recommend these if you're a total beginner as they have such high magnification which can be tricky to get used to if you're new to the hobby, but if you're looking for your 'next' set of binos or you want to get into astronomy and already have a tripod to keep everything stable, we think they'd be great, especially now that they're such a low price. 

But they're also good beyond astronomy, the Celestron Skymaster 20x80 binoculars are also fantastic for terrestrial viewing. They provide stunning clarity and sharpness, making them perfect for wildlife observation, birdwatching and scenic landscape viewing.

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Key Specs: Large multi-coated 80mm objective lenses to let ample light in with 20x magnification for stunning celestial viewing. They're also waterproof, have Bak4 prisms and a comfortable 18mm eye relief, making them good for anyone who wears glasses. They weigh 75oz (2.126kg).

Consensus: For astronomy lovers, we can't recommend these enough, especially for the low price.

Buy if: You're a keen astronomer and want a pair of binos with high magnification for those long nights of stargazing.

Don't buy if: You're a beginner or you want a more 'general' day-to-day pair of binos.

Alternative models: For an even cheaper pair of binos that are more suited to general use (camping trips, sporting events etc) check out the Celestron Outland X 10x42. They're not as beefy and powerful as the SkyMaster, but if that's not what you're looking for, the Outland pair are also on offer for just under $50 for Prime Day. Or if you want even more magnification, the Celestron SkyMaster 25x100 are also 50% off, now sitting at around $250.

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