Take on the galaxy for less with up to 50% off on these Cyber Monday board game deals

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Whether you crave galactic conquest or a cat-and-mouse game with a gruesome double-jawed space monster, right now you can save up to $73 off space-based board games at Amazon.

There are three games on offer, all of which could come in very handy as holiday distractions. Would-be galactic overlords canpick upCosmic Encounter for $38.99 or the gargantuan Twilight Imperium for $91.99. Both of these games concern themselves with conquest, colonization and, if you choose to play things that way, diplomacy.

The third game, Alien: Fate of the Nostromo sees you attempting to elude the Xenomorph and is a fantastic $14.69 at Amazon. This co-operative game is ideal if you want to avoid arguments since you either all win or nobody wins. Well, except the Alien.  

Whatever you choose, with the Cyber Monday deals drawing to a close, you should snap these up before they're gone. 

Cosmic Encounter Was $59.95 Now $38.99 from Amazon. 

Cosmic Encounter Was $59.95 Now $38.99 from Amazon

Save $20: Get Cosmic Encounter for just over 35% off. Each round of this space strategy board game may only take an hour or two, but there's plenty of potential for double-dealing and more.

Twilight Imperium Was $164.99 Now $91.99 from Amazon. 

Twilight Imperium Was $164.99 Now $91.99 from Amazon

Save $73: Twilight Imperium has been a board-gaming favourite for over 25 years. So if you're craving some heavy space-based strategy, this deal is a great place to start.

Alien: Fate of The Nostromo Was $30 Now $14.69 from Amazon. 

Alien: Fate of The Nostromo Was $30 Now $14.69 from Amazon

Save $15.31: Think you can do better than Ripley and her deceased shipmates? Then pick up this co-operative Alien game where teamwork is the key to survival.

Tired of Monopoly? Fed up with Pie Face? Sick of that stupid dental retractor game or whatever this year's flash-in-the-pan game is? Then take to the stars with these fantastic trio of board games. 

They're all available at knock-down prices thanks to Amazon's Cyber Monday sale and while they cater to slightly different tastes, at least one of them should find favor with your friends or relative.

Twilight Imperium is the heaviest game on offer, both figuratively and literally. It supports 3-6 players and while it's relatively easy to get into, games can take between 4 to 8 hours. If you can spare an afternoon or two you should be thoroughly engrossed in your burgeoning galactic empire.

Cosmic Encounter again supports 3-6 players and while it's still pleasingly deep and also tackles galactic conquest, games take between 1 and 2 hours.  Be warned, both of the above games allow you profit from betrayal so be prepared for a few heated arguments.

Finally, Alien: Fate of the Nostromo is a 1-5 player game and takes around 45 minutes to play. It's co-operative so, in theory, everyone should get along. In theory. If you've ever watched Alien and thought.. "I could do better than those idiots - why didn't they at least stay together?" this is the game for you. 

Or if none of those trio take your fancy, check our list of 2022's best space board games.

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