Sky Tonight Star Gazer Guide stargazing app review

With beautiful AR functionality and a host of fascinating information, Sky Tonight Star Gazer Guide has a lot to offer stargazing enthusiasts.

Sky Tonight app shown on three different devices set against the night sky.
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Sky Tonight – Star Gazer Guide is an app that has been designed to encompass all your interstellar exploration needs. Equipped with a free version, you can expand the app's functions for $0.99 a month or a one-time payment of $7.99. The app also offers a beautiful interface thanks to AR technology.


  • +

    Intuitive and easy-to-use

  • +

    Appealing AR designs

  • +

    Insightful news and education section


  • -

    Limited features on the free version

  • -

    Can drain your battery

  • -

    Accuracy falters under certain conditions

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Sky Tonight Star Gazer Guide is an intuitive and visually appealing app that caters to stargazers of all expertise levels. The app's interface is smooth, and exploring the various features and settings feels effortless from the onset. With well-organized menus and clear icons, switching between celestial objects, adjusting settings and accessing additional information is an enjoyable and seamless experience.

Sky Tonight app: Specs

Operating System: Android (Android 5.1 and up), iOS (iOS 12.0 and up)
Size: 320-356MB
Price: Free/Paid from $0.99 monthly or $7.99 lifetime

The app offers an impressive range of features catering to the diverse interests of stargazing enthusiasts, from identifying constellations to tracking planets and meteor showers. One standout feature is its augmented reality (AR) function, which superimposes celestial objects on your device's camera view. By pointing your device towards the night sky, you can witness stars, planets and constellations come to life, accompanied by detailed information and fascinating facts.

Whether you are a seasoned astronomy enthusiast or a beginner eager to explore the night sky, Sky Tonight Star Gazer Guide provides a comprehensive and engaging platform. Its user-friendly design, offline functionality and the option to unlock additional features through the premium version make it an excellent companion for your stargazing adventures.

  • Download Sky Tonight Star Gazer Guide for Android or iOS.

Sky Tonight Star Gazer Guide app review

Sky Tonight app: Pricing and Subscription

Main page of the Sky Tonight app shown on a phone in the review's hand with garden in the background.

Sky Tonight has a slick and intuitive user interface. (Image credit: Lloyd Coombes)

While a free version of the app is available, the premium version offers many additional features. In the free version, some features, such as the celestial objects in the 'Visible Tonight' section, are locked. Furthermore, the free version includes ads, which can disrupt the immersive experience. 

To unlock the full potential of the app, you have the option to upgrade to the premium version for a one-time payment of $7.99, or you can pay a monthly fee of $0.99. This price is relatively affordable considering the wide range of cool features you gain access to, making it a worthwhile investment for avid stargazers.

Sky Tonight app: User Interface

  • Customizable settings for visibility, magnification and location
  • Ability to superimpose latitude and longitude coordinates
  • Useful dark mode option

The Sky Tonight app is a breeze to operate, and it incorporates several features to enhance the user experience. At the bottom of the app, you'll find a toggle that opens six different buttons and sliders. Here, you can input your current visibility and magnification settings to reflect how your portion of the sky looks and the viewing equipment you're using, respectively.

Screenshot of dark mode on the Sky Tonight app showing constellations in red on a black background.

The dark mode feature preserves your night vision when you're stargazing out in the field. (Image credit: Lloyd Coombes)

Additionally, you can superimpose the latitude and longitude coordinates onto your sky map. This enables you to pinpoint celestial objects you're keen to observe. The app includes a dark mode option to make it less disruptive to your night vision and also allows you to turn the AR overlay on or off according to your preference. We found the app's interface very attractive and straightforward to use.

Sky Tonight app: Key Features

  • Quick to locate objects and events
  • High-quality images and interactive 3D models
  • Beautiful AR overlays

The app's powerful search function easily locates specific objects and upcoming events that you may want to view. The comprehensive database then offers you detailed information on each object. The integration of high-quality images and interactive 3D models enriches the user experience, providing a deeper understanding and appreciation of the celestial realm.

Screenshot of the AR function on the Sky Tonight app depicting the constellation of Leo.

The AR function on the Sky Tonight app makes for a very immersive user experience. (Image credit: Lloyd Coombes)

Sky Tonight uses a combination of methods to assist you on your stargazing journey. You can manually or automatically use GPS to determine your location, effectively mapping out the night sky and identifying visible celestial objects. The app also has excellent offline functionality, allowing you to explore the wonders of the night sky even in remote locations with limited connectivity.

Probably the most impressive feature of Sky Tonight is its AR functionality, which uses your device's camera and sensors to overlay beautiful visual representations of the stars and constellations. Alongside the visuals, the app provides descriptions of celestial objects from its frequently updated database, making it particularly useful for educational purposes.

Sky Tonight app: Astrophotography Features

Screenshot of the news page on the Sky Tonight app showing a planetary alignment.

The news page keeps you updated on exciting events in the stargazing community.  (Image credit: Lloyd Coombes)
  • Detailed information and descriptions
  • 'Visible Tonight’ and calendar features
  • Stargazing news section

The Sky Tonight app is particularly notable for its educational value. It serves as an invaluable resource for both seasoned astronomers and beginners eager to expand their knowledge. The app offers detailed descriptions, interesting facts and historical context for various celestial objects. Whether used for personal enjoyment or educational purposes, the app is guaranteed to foster a deeper appreciation for the magnificence of the universe.

Additionally, the app includes an updated feature in the 'Visible Tonight' section, providing details on planetary alignments and other astronomical events necessary for live viewing. The calendar feature offers the opportunity to plan your expeditions further ahead, which will be useful for both stargazers and astrophotographers alike. There is also a handy news section to keep you up to date with the latest happenings in the stargazing community.

Should you download Sky Tonight app?

Sky Tonight Star Gazer Guide offers a user-friendly experience that caters to stargazers of all ages and skill levels. The app's straightforward installation process and hassle-free setup make it accessible to everyone, with clear instructions to guide you through the initial configuration. If you're looking for an informative app with some beautiful AR effects at an affordable price, then Sky Tonight might just be the one for you.

If Sky Tonight app isn't for you

One app that directly compares to Sky Tonight is the Star Chart app, which we actually ranked half a star higher than Sky Tonight. Both apps offer a free version, but Star Chart excels in its map interface, including the ability to rotate the app into landscape mode. Certain features can be upgraded but, like Sky Tonight, they are behind a paywall.

For those looking for a more comprehensive stargazing app, we have to recommend the impressive SkySafari 7 Pro. SkySafari 7 Pro is an exceptional app for serious astronomers. With a vast database, telescope control and accurate sky simulations, it's one of the best tools out there for exploring the universe. We gave it a full five stars, but all these amazing features come at a minimum $21.99 price tag.

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