Lego unveils brand new $600 Ultimate Collector Series Razor Crest set

Lego UCS Razor Crest
(Image credit: Lego)

There's a new addition to the Lego Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series as Lego announces a 6187-piece buildable replica of the Razor Crest starship, as seen in The Mandalorian. 

The new set will be available to Lego VIP from October 3 and on general sale from October 7, on Lego's website and selected Lego stores (it can be found at this link, though the page is not live yet). 

The new set will also become the largest Razor Crest model Lego has produced, surpassing the previous 1000-plus-piece model that features in our best Lego Star Wars sets guide, so we have high expectations. Only time will tell if this ends up becoming one of the best Lego sets out there, but we do know it will come with a hefty MSRP of $599.99 or £519.99.

For your money you're not just getting the experience of building a Lego set, while the set does come with an information plaque and will make an excellent display model, there are also playability features including minifigures and removable parts. If you're looking for a new Lego set and you want a discount too, be sure to check out our Lego Star Wars deals, Lego deals and Lego space deals guides. 

While this is the largest Lego model of the Razor Crest spaceship ever produced, its dimensions of 72cm x 50cm x 24cm (length, width, height) means it will no doubt cut an imposing figure and stand out anywhere it's displayed. 

It's playability options are in abundance too as the set includes four minifigures: Grogu (Baby Yoda), The Mandalorian, Mythroll and Kuiil (on a buildable Blurrg). Furthermore, it comes with removable engines and cockpit, an escape pod and a minifigure sized freezing chamber, so you can either re-enact your favorite scenes from the hit Disney Plus TV show or make up your own intergalactic adventures. 

The Ultimate Collector Series of Lego models features some of the largest and high quality builds the manufacturer has to offer and this latest addition will be on sale to the general public from October 7.  

If the price is a bit steep for you, you can still find the regular Lego Razor Crest kit for around $130.

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