Save $500 on this Fujifilm GFX50S II GF35-70mm bundle during Amazon Prime Day

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One of the best camera deals so far of Amazon Prime Day see's savings of $500 on this professional, large format mirrorless camera bundle from Fujifilm. The Fujifilm GFX50S II is not exactly cheap but this price drop gives consumers a good dent in the normal $4,499.95 price tag down to $3,999. Considering this bundle comes with the camera and a GF35-70mm f/4.5-5.6 WR lens and the fact it's a large format mirrorless camera and it's not as expensive as you'd think.

A step up from the ubiquitous full-frame image sensors that most professionals and enthusiastic amateur photographers use, this large format image sensor is 1.7x bigger than a 35mm sensor and the Fujifilm GFX50S II packs a staggering 51.4MP in stills resolution. Though mainly a stills camera for purist photographers the Fujifilm GFX50S II captures 1080p video at 30fps as well.

While we haven't reviewed this particular model, we are a fan of Fujifilm's mirrorless cameras in general. In our Fujifilm X-T4 review we gave the camera 4/5 stars with stand-out features being its multi-swiveling screen and excellent ISO range, useful for astrophotography and shooting in low light. Like the X-T4, the Fujifilm GFX50S II matches the in-body image stabilization with a smooth 6.5 stops of steadying power making it easier to shoot in the dark with longer shutter speeds without the need for a tripod to ensure tack-sharp results.

Fujifilm GFX50S II GF35-70mm: $4499.95 $3999 at Amazon.

Fujifilm GFX50S II GF35-70mm:  $4499.95 $3999 at Amazon.

This large format mirrorless camera from Fujifilm packs 6.5 stops of image stabilization, 51.4MP stills shooting, full HD video capture and even comes with a GF35-70mm f/4.5-5.6 WR lens that normally costs $1000 on its own.

One big reason this deal is so good is the fact it's actually a bundle. The GF35-70mm f/4.5-5.6 WR costs nearly $1000 just on its own but ships with the camera body in this bundle giving an overall saving of $500 off the original bundle price. This wide-zoom is compact and lightweight, meaning it's ultra-portable and ideal for a whole range of photographic scenarios. From shooting the night sky on the widest end of the focal length range to zooming in to capture details in portraits and travel photos, it's a fantastic generalist lens that copes in a variety of conditions.

Grab this deal while it's hot as we're not sure how long it's going to stick around for.

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