This Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope is £50 off

Celestron StarSense Explorer DX 6 App-Enabled Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope
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If you're looking for a truly good quality, easy to use telescope and a discount to go with it, you're in luck as the Celestron StarSense Explorer DX 6 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope is now £50 off on Wex. 

The £50 discount is a handy one and this could be the deal for you if you're looking for a top model but you don't have much stargazing experience, or you're looking for a fun and hassle-free experience. Celestron are responsible for some of the best telescopes, best telescopes for beginners and best telescope deals on the market and the use of their StarSense app, means technology does all the hard work for you. 

So what is it about this deal that's worth getting? Well, along with the usual high quality optics and build you get with Celestron models, it's app enabled, meaning the StarSense app will show you what's visible in the night sky and point you in the right direction. It's worth remembering, too, that the best binoculars can offer stunning night sky views and can be a cheaper alternative to telescopes, especially if you bag some top binoculars deals

Celestron StarSense Explorer DX 6 Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope£799.99now £749.99 on Wex

Celestron StarSense Explorer DX 6 Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope £799.99 now £749.99 on Wex.

Save £50 on a telescope that features high quality optics, a large aperture and focal length, slow motion controls, extra eyepieces (10mm and 40mm) a finderscope and an app that does all the hard work for you by locating and pointing you in the direction of all visible night sky targets.  

So you've heard, in short, why this is a worthwhile telescope, but what about the specs? Here, we'll get into the nuts and bolts so this telescope can showcase what it's all about. For starters, StarBright XLT coatings on the optics combined with an optical tube length of 15cm (six inches) provide crystal clear sights of your targets. 

A huge selling point of this telescope is its partnership with Celestron's StarSense app. The app itself does all the hard work for astronomers and is what helps make it a top choice for those without much experience. It's able to pinpoint visible targets and position the telescope to look right at them. It also tells you what you're looking at so the app is a great learning tool too. 

On top of the technology on show, and the quality of build and optics, there's a host of accessories that are included with this telescope. A preassembled tripod mount, 10mm and 40mm eyepieces, a finderscope an accessory tray and a smartphone dock make this telescope, and the £50 saving, even better value for money. 

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