Still live after Amazon Prime Day: Canon EOS R6 is $500 off

Canon EOS R6 and EF-EOS R ring mount adapter against a white background
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This saving requires an extra couple of clicks, but it's worth it. The main deal is that the Canon EOS R6 (body only) is now less than $2000 on Amazon, a $500 saving. If you're also looking to buy the EF-EOS R Ring Mount Adapter (as per Adorama's deal), you save an extra $50 by adding both to your basket in Amazon — $2148 on Amazon v $2198 at Adorama. This adapter means you can still use all of your EF-mount lenses on your new RF-mount body.

The deal is still live, even though Prime Day has finished. We gave the Canon EOS R6 a very respectable 4.5 out of 5 stars in our hands-on Canon EOS R6 review last year and were impressed with its superb low-light performance. It shoots 20.1 megapixel stills and captures 4K 60p video.

It has built-in in-body image stabilization, so when combined with an appropriate image-stabilized lens, it produces up to eight stops of stabilization. This adds to the impressive low light prowess as you can shoot handheld with a slower shutter than you would without image stabilization. It also means you'll shoot smoother, more professional-looking videos.

Canon EOS R6

Canon EOS R6 body only: was $2499 now $1999 from Amazon. 

Save $500 on the Canon EOS R6 — an excellent camera for low-light shooting. Astrophotographers need not worry too much about noise ruining their image. Combine it with the EF - EOS R mount, and the savings are $50 bigger than those found at Adorama, with free delivery too!

Thanks to the large full-frame sensor, with a relatively low (compared to many) resolution, we can push the ISO higher than we'd usually feel comfortable with before worrying about unwanted noise in our images; we shot at ISO 2500 and were very impressed with the results. It also autofocuses in low light all the way down to -6.5EV, perfect for ensuring you maintain pin-sharp images in very low-light situations. These features are all great for astrophotographers, low-light portrait photographers, gig/concert shooters and post-dusk wildlife photographers.

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The Canon EOS R6 with the vari-angle screen flipped out.

The vari-angle touchscreen helps users compose scenes without contorting themselves into awkward angles. (Image credit: Future)

Key Specs: The EOS R6 shoots 20.1MP stills, 4K UHD 60p 10-bit video and has five stops of five-axis in-body image stabilization. The 12FPS burst shooting speed makes capturing fast action a breeze. The shutter speed range is from 1/8000 sec to 30 seconds built-in or much longer with a compatible remote shutter release. Autofocus detection goes to an impressively low -6.5 EV.

Consensus: For individuals who want to start producing professional-looking images and videos, this camera provides a one-stop means to help you achieve both. We think it's a camera more suited to enthusiasts and hobbyists rather than professionals, as the latter will want to opt for the superior EOS R5 with its bigger LCD screen, more than double the resolution and a superior electronic viewfinder.

Buy if:  You need high-end performance, especially in low light and aren't too concerned with the slightly lower than typical 20.1MP stills resolution.

Don't buy if: You want to shoot ultra high-resolution photos as the 20.1MP resolution will have its limits. It's still plenty for most people, but it's a reason not to purchase if you want to make huge prints with your images.

Alternative models: A more affordable Canon EOS model is the Canon EOS R8. It is very portable and one of the lightest Canon EOS full-frame mirrorless cameras. Like the EOS R6, it's great at handling high ISO. The Canon EOS R3 is for serious, professional shooters. Shooting at a burst speed of 30FPS is more than most enthusiasts will need, but it's a game changer for action shots of people playing sports or for shooting photos of fast-moving wildlife. Check out our guide of the best mirrorless cameras to see our other recommendations, or maybe narrow your search using the best cameras for astrophotography or best cameras for low light photography guides.

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