You can make your own northern lights at home with this Airivo Star Projector deal for Prime Day

Airivo Northern Lights Star Projector is on sale for 27% off on Prime Day.
Airivo Northern Lights Star Projector is on sale for 27% off on Prime Day. (Image credit: Amazon)

If you enjoy auroras, but never quite made the trip to the arctic to see them, fear not. This Airivo aurora projector will let you summon them on command in your living quarters and it's on sale for Prime Day

Right now, the Airivo Northern Lights Star Projector is on sale for $31.38 is nearly 27% off for Prime Day at Amazon, so you can enjoy the sky show for a lot less than usual. You'll save $11 off its normal $42.99 price with this Prime Day deal. 

Built for kids and adults alike, the projector aims (quite literally) to splay the wonders of the aurora borealis across your ceiling. If you want, you can also play some white noise through a Bluetooth speaker to promote relaxation or sleep.

There are 14 variations on the pattern along with a dynamic "star blinking" mode, allowing you to pick the sequence of lights that matches your mood.

Airivo Northern Lights Star Projector: $42.99 $31.38 at Amazon (save $11)

Airivo Northern Lights Star Projector: $42.99 $31.38 at Amazon (save $11)
This 3-in-1 night light is nearly 30% off for Amazon Prime Day. It shows off a combination of auroras and stars and includes a white noise feature to help you relax or sleep.

If you prefer a more active experience, there is also an option to make the lights sync with music, disco-style. Whatever lighting option you choose, however, you can tell the device to switch everything off with a timer, to save a little energy.

The manufacturer has a couple of cautions to make your experience as best as possible. Don't keep the light on for more than four hours, lest you burn out the included LED lights or bulbs. Also, the projected size the projection is meant to cover caps out around 25 by 25 feet (7 by 7 meters), so bear that in mind in unusually large spaces.

The package includes a remote control, a USB cable and a user's manual. Happy aurora watching!

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