Last chance! Grab the Lego Marvel Black Panther bust for 40% off

a bust consisting of a black mask with ears and two black gloves crossed over its chest, sitting on a tabletop
A lifestyle shot of the Lego Marvel Black Panther set, perched on a tabletop. (Image credit: The Lego Source)

Fancy grabbing yourself a bargain before it's too late? The Lego Marvel Black Panther set should be $349.99, but it's currently $209.99 at Lego. That's a massive saving of 40%. 

More importantly, it's marked as "last chance," which means it's very close to being retired. When stock of this set has gone, it's gone forever – so if you want to add T'Challa to your Lego collection, don't sleep on it.

We'll be honest: This isn't a new deal. It's been 40% off on for quite some time. But with it being close to retirement, we feel it's worth sharing again, because in the next few weeks, Lego Marvel Black Panther will be gone forever. And a $140 saving on a 2,961-piece Lego set is absolutely not to be sniffed at.

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Lego Marvel Black Panther - was $349.99, now $209.99 at

Lego Marvel Black Panther - was $349.99, now $209.99 at

Save 40% on this almost-lifesize bust of Black Panther, aka T'Challa. It can be displayed in one of two ways: With his hands folded in front of him, or without. There's a lot of impressive detail here, and it's a display set any Marvel fan will be envious of.

There's a lot to like about Lego Marvel Black Panther. The mask, undoubtedly the focal point of the set, is highlighted with reflective silver stripes, making it look just like the real thing. It's also sporting T'Challa's iconic toothy necklace.

Below the head you'll find Black Panther's hands, with articulated fingers which can each move independently. You don't have to display the hands if you'd rather just have T'Challa's head though: It can be configured in two different ways, giving you the chance to mix things up.

It's practically lifesize, measuring 18 inches (46cm) high and 15 inches (39cm) wide. The only bad news? You can't wear it yourself. Sorry. It'll still look absolutely wonderful on your shelf though.

Key Specs: 2,961 pieces, designed for ages 18+, comes with a printed "Black Panther" plaque, can be displayed with or without hands. Measures 18 inches high and 15 inches wide.

Consensus: The Lego Marvel Black Panther set is one of the biggest Lego Marvel sets currently available, and at 40% off, it's an absolute steal. It's also close to retirement, so within the next few weeks it'll be gone forever.

Buy if: You're a Black Panther fan and want an absolutely stunning set to display on a shelf or desk. Or buy it if you love a Lego bargain: $209.99 is still not exactly cheap, but we'll never sniff at a 40% Lego saving.

Don't buy if: You don't have much space: Being almost lifesize you'll need a good amount of space to display Black Panther.

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