Best Space Photos of the Week - May 4, 2013

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo Makes History with 1st Rocket-Powered Flight and Clay Center Observatory

A private spaceship designed to carry space tourists made its first rocket-powered test flight today (April 29), exceeding the speed of sound as it paved the way toward commercial flights in the near future. [Full Story]

Wow! Monster Hurricane on Saturn Spied by NASA Spacecraft


Scientists have gotten their first detailed, visible-light look at the enormous hurricane churning around Saturn's north pole. [Full Story]

Stunning Mars Panoramas Capture Curiosity Rover at Work (Photos)

NASA/JPL-Caltech/Marco Di Lorenzo/Ken Kremer

Three stunning new mosaics capture NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity hard at work on the Red Planet. [Full Story]

Space Shuttle Enterprise's New Home Takes Shape at NYC Museum

Tom Kaminski/WCBS Chopper 880 via

NASA's space shuttle Enterprise, the fleet's prototype, will soon have a new pavilion home at its NYC museum. Find out more about New York City's shuttle. [Full Story]

Whoa! Stargazer Reins In Beautiful Horsehead Nebula (Photo)

Terry Hancock

A veteran astrophotographer combined data from three different telescopes to capture this vivid image of the famous Horsehead Nebula. [Full Story]

Canada Launches Space Robot-Themed $5 Bill with Astronaut's Help


The Bank of Canada had appropriate help Tuesday (April 30) launching its new space-themed $5 bill – the Canadian commander of the International Space Station. [Full Story]

Dusty Star-Spawning Space Cloud Glows In Amazing Photo


The Danish 1.54-meter telescope located at ESO’s La Silla Observatory in Chile has captured a striking image of NGC 6559, an object that showcases the anarchy that reigns when stars form inside an interstellar cloud. [Full Story]

Astronaut Spies 'Bullet Hole' in Space Station Solar Wing (Photo)

Chris Hadfield (via Twitter as @Cmdr_Hadfield)

A small piece of man-made or naturally occurring celestial debris created a tiny hole in one of the space station's solar arrays at some point in the outpost's 14- year history in orbit. Canadian Space Agency astronaut Chris Hadfield caught sight of the puncture and posted a photo of it on Twitter Monday (April 29). [Full Story]

IBM Warps Atoms Into Crazy 'Star Trek' Art

Courtesy: IBM

The nanophysicists working at IBM appear to be Trekkies. In honor of the newest "Star Trek" film — set for release on May 17 — IBM has published amazing new photos crafted from the microscopic movements of single carbon atoms. [Full Story]

Grand Spiral Galaxy Shines in Cosmic Loop (Photo)

Copyright 2013 Bernard Miller

Astrophotographer Bernard Miller in New Mexico captured this spectacular image of the Grand Spiral Galaxy and Arp's Loop from Rancho Hidalgo. See how he made the photo. [Full Story]

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