Best Space Photos of the Week - April 6, 2013

Dazzling 'Moondogs' Shine Over Alaska's Call of the Wild (Photo)

Sebastian Saarloos /

Harsh, frigid temps didn't stop one night sky photographer from capturing a stunning image of moondogs illuminating the Alaskan wild. Sebastian Saarloos captured this image on Jan. 17 from Lower Miller Creek, Alaska. [Full Story]

NASA Sees Curiosity Rover's Parachute Flapping in Martian Wind


NASA's most powerful spacecraft orbiting Mars has captured amazing new images of the huge parachute used by the agency's Curiosity rover when it safely landed on the Red Planet last August. [Full Story]

Faint 'Red Arcs' Spotted Over Europe

Boston University Center for Space Physics

Glowing red arcs invisible to the naked eye have now been detected high above most of Europe using advanced cameras pointed at the sky. [Full Story]

Edge-On Galaxy Slices Up Night Sky in Stargazer's Photo

Terry Hancock / Fred Hermann

Located 95 million light-years from Earth in the constellation Virgo, barred spiral edge-on galaxy NGC 5746

Milky Way Shines Over Grand Canyon Watchtower in Spectacular Photo

Jeff Berkes

Astrophotographer Jeff Berkes captured this stunning night sky image over the Grand Canyon in Arizona in May 2012. See how it made the dazzling image. [Full Story]

Whoa! What a Rocket Launch Looks Like from Space

Canadian Space Agency/Chris Hadfield (Cmdr_Hadfield)

Because of their placement during the “express” launch of Russia’s Soyuz capsule carrying three new astronauts to the space station, crewmembers already on board the floating laboratory saw the launch from space. [Full Story]

This is What Human Cells Look Like in Space

European Space Agency

A strange photo from an experiment on the International Space Station shows what human immune cells look like in space. See how the photo was taken here. [Full Story]

Amazing Pencil Nebula Glows on Deep-Space Canvas

Martin Pugh

Martin Pugh took this image of the Pencil Nebula, or NGC 2736, from his home in Yass, New South Wales, Australia over the course of two weeks in March,2013. [Full Story]

Star Trails Streak Over Historic Hungary

Tamas Ladanyi / The World at Night

Night sky photographer Tamas Ladanyi of The World at Night captured this stunning image of Spica, Saturn, Mars and the Moon over the historic city of Pécs, Hungary. [Full Story]

Wildfire Blazes Near NASA's Kennedy Space Center

Michael Good - USFWS

Clouds of smoke and flames quickly approach NASA facilities during a wildfire this week. The fire occurred just south of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center headquarters on Merritt Island in Audobon, Florida. No NASA facilities were damaged.

Dark Matter Clues From AMS Experiment in Space


The powerful Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer-2 (AMS) is visible at center left. The blackness of space and Earth's horizon provide the backdrop for the scene, on May 20, 2011 (Flight Day 5 of the STS-134 shuttle mission). [ See the full gallery]

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