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17 March 2013, 04:21 PM ET
What was your favorite space news story of the last week?
17 March 2013, 03:26 PM ET
From a lightning fast comet to St. Patrick's day in space, don't miss these amazing pictures.
15 March 2013, 03:20 PM ET
NASA Scientist Joel Hurowitz explains that favorable conditions for life on ancient Mars (found by Curiosity rock sample analysis) at the Gale Crater are in direct contrast with data from the Opportunity Rover about the Meridian Planum region.
15 March 2013, 11:00 AM ET
Curiosity is not yet ready to start the trek to Mount Sharp.
14 March 2013, 09:43 AM ET
The seven-year journey to Saturn begins.
13 March 2013, 06:39 PM ET
The two-year mission of the one-ton rover is to find out if Mars is, or was, capable of supporting life.
13 March 2013, 12:37 PM ET
Most attempts to define it come up short, scientists say.
13 March 2013, 06:29 AM ET
See photos of the discovery and analysis of rock samples by NASA scientists using the Mars rover Curiosity.
13 March 2013, 06:00 AM ET
The Red Planet was habitable long, long ago, scientists say.
12 March 2013, 07:13 PM ET
Answers to a few basic questions about the Curiosity rover's latest discovery.
12 March 2013, 01:40 PM ET
A look at the major steps forward in searching for life on Mars.
12 March 2013, 01:30 PM ET
Missions to Mars have searched, but haven't found definite proof of life past or present.
11 March 2013, 01:28 PM ET
Life elsewhere in the universe might not be as plentiful as some scientists think.
11 March 2013, 12:47 PM ET
The Space Foundation invited students from around the world to submit original artwork with the theme, "If I were going ... "
11 March 2013, 10:34 AM ET
We have yet to detect a signal from an alien civilization -- so scientists are thinking up novel (and often extreme) ways we may make first contact.
10 March 2013, 05:02 PM ET
From the galaxy's oldest known star to a big red moon, don't miss these amazing space pictures.
10 March 2013, 02:33 PM ET
What was your favorite space news story of the last week?
07 March 2013, 02:00 PM ET
Impacts may have delivered the complex molecules needed for life to get started.
06 March 2013, 02:03 PM ET
Determining habitability is more complicated for exomoons than exoplanets.
06 March 2013, 06:40 AM ET
Europa's ocean seems to have contact with the surface, making all sorts of chemical reactions possible.
05 March 2013, 11:05 AM ET
Two-part series follows an alien invasion of Earth from start to finish.
05 March 2013, 07:00 AM ET
The 1-ton robot is out of safe mode and may be back in action as early as this weekend.
03 March 2013, 10:00 AM ET
What was your favorite space news story of the last week?
01 March 2013, 11:18 PM ET
From a Buzz Aldrin in the eye of a needle to Mount Etna's eruption , don't miss these amazing space pictures.
01 March 2013, 12:42 PM ET
A small robotic submarine the size of a baseball bat helped researchers get their first look at an Antarctic lake trapped under thick glacial ice. For the first time water from a subglacial revealed signs of life when samples were taken in Feb 2013.
01 March 2013, 12:00 AM ET
Spectacular images every day.
28 February 2013, 05:30 AM ET
The upcoming James Webb Telescope could be the ideal instrument.
27 February 2013, 09:49 AM ET
Since the 1960s, humans have invaded our neighboring planet Mars with swarms of spacecraft. Only half of the attempts ever succeeded.
25 February 2013, 03:10 PM ET
McKay helped train the Apollo moonwalkers and led a study that claimed a Mars meteorite may contain signs of past life.
25 February 2013, 06:30 AM ET
Exploring these undersea systems may help scientists understand how life got started on Earth.
25 February 2013, 06:30 AM ET
Parts of the Red Planet may be exposed to flowing water seasonally.
24 February 2013, 07:59 AM ET
What was your favorite space news story of the last week?