This remote control Star Wars Grogu plush will melt your heart for just $44 on Black Friday

Remote control Grogu plush and remote
Remote control Grogu plush and remote (Image credit: Amazon)

The "Star Wars" fandom had no idea what was in store for it when "The Mandalorian" premiered.

By the end of the first episode, every viewer's heart had been melted by Grogu, the adorable 'baby Yoda that set the plot of "The Mandalorian" in motion. If you just can't get enough of the robed little alien with an appetite for live frogs, you're in luck: This Black Friday, you can get a remote-controlled, soft-bodied Grogu to waddle around your home for just $44.43, a savings of 32%. Just look at his little nose!

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Star Wars remote-controlled Grogu plush: was $64.99 now just $44.43 on Amazon

Star Wars remote-controlled Grogu plush: was $64.99 now just $44.43 on Amazon

Everyone's favorite alien can Jedi mind trick its way into your heart for a low price this Black Friday. Featuring authentic head and ear motions and its adorable little waddle, this soft-bodied Grogu plush will please Star Wars fans of all ages.

This soft-bodied Grogu plush stands 12 inches (30.5 centimeters) tall and looks like he walked straight off of the set of "The Mandalorian." Using the included remote control - which looks like it came straight off of R2-D2 - users can make Grogu tilt his head, pull his ears back, and generally waddle around in the adorable way we've all came to love.

By pressing the purple button on the remote, users can even make Grogu raise his shaking hand up as if he's using the Force to lift a giant mudhorn off the ground. There is even an automatic "follow mode" that will make Grogu walk right by your side on its own, while another button will make Grogu come and find you if you're up for a little hide-and-seek.

There's even a mode to allow Grogu to explore on its own, truly making this RC plush feel alive. If you prefer to act out scenes from "The Mandalorian" on your own, there's even a joystick for manual control and built-in sounds straight from the series.

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