Strong this Black Friday deal is: Save $20 on Lego's Star Wars Attack of the Clones Yoda right now

Lego Star Wars Attack of the Clones Yoda
Use the Force to get this Black Friday deal on the Lego Star Wars Attack of the Clones Yoda. Credit; The Lego Group (Image credit: The Lego Group)

Padawans young and old alike can avoid the path to the Dark Side with this epic Lego Star Wars Yoda set on sale for Black Friday.

This version of Yoda, familiar to Star Wars fans everywhere, is on sale right now at Amazon for $79.99, $20 off its normal $99.99 price, and will let you build the lightsaber-wielding Jedi as seen in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

At 20% off the usual price, your destiny is to take advantage of this Black Friday deal before it disappears. This epic 1,771-piece set will allow you to unlearn what you have learned and to build your knowledge of an incredible Jedi Master.

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Lego Star Wars Attack of the Clones Yoda: $99.99 $79.99 at Amazon

Lego Star Wars Attack of the Clones Yoda: $99.99 $79.99 at Amazon

This elder Yoda will be highly prized among collectors. The star of sequel series features in this Lego Star Wars set with 1,771 pieces. And of course it comes with a lightsaber.

If you're a fan of Baby Yoda (Grogu) from The Mandalorian, we also have your needs covered there with all of these Black Friday Lego Star Wars Mandalorian sets from Walmart.

Yoda has cross-franchise appeal, bringing in fans of The Clone Wars animated series, the prequel series, the original film series and (through another being of his kind) The Mandalorian. So just about any Star Wars fan aged 12 or older will enjoy this set.

We're sure to see the popularity of Star Wars sets surge again this Black Friday, due to the impending release of a new franchise spinoff: The Book of Boba Fett. The new Disney Plus series debuts Dec. 29 and joins The Mandalorian as one of the series exploring characters that were living in the very same time as Yoda.

Older Yoda, while not as agile as the younger Baby Yoda, will be an imposing presence on your desk. Manipulate the posable head, eyebrows, fingers and toes to get just that look that you need. If any padawans wander by who have no idea who they should be honoring, a display stand and name plaque will inform them quickly the best way to use the Force.

The assembled set is roughly 14x15x5 inches (35x38x12 cm) and includes the requisite lightsaber that all Jedi need. It's a great collectable for people who already enjoy big Star Wars sets such as the newly released AT-AT Walker or the nearly 800-piece Millennium Falcon

Yoda is one of the most revered members of the Star Wars universe and as such, you won't want to miss out on this Black Friday deal. All Jedi know the need to take action at the right moment. You'll certainly want to pick up this set before that moment disappears.

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