Get a free solar filter worth $249 with the purchase of any Unistellar telescope

Unistellar Solar Filter For Telescopes
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You can now get a free solar filter when you purchase any Unistellar telescope, which includes some of the best telescopes around, which means you can safely view the next solar eclipse, on April 8.

Purchase any Unistellar telescope and get a free solar filter worth $249, from the manufacturer's website. 

The free smart solar filter that comes with a telescope of your choice from Unistellar's website allows you to view the solar eclipse on April 8 safely. We strongly recommend using safe solar equipment to view the eclipse and of course, once the eclipse is over, you will still have a top piece of kit so you can have great views of the stars and beyond. Plus, you can safely observe the sun during the day without running the risk of damaging the telescope or its sensitive image sensor.

This deal runs out on March 3 so although there's still a little time to consider this offer, there's no time like the present if you want a great view of the next solar eclipse. 

Below, we'll highlight and summarize some of the top telescopes that Unistellar offers but, if you want to do a little research before making the most of this deal, you should check out our guides to the best telescope deals, budget telescopes under $500 and best binoculars

Free Solar Filter With A Purchase Of Any Unistellar Telescope From Unistellar.

Free Solar Filter With A Purchase Of Any Unistellar Telescope <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">From Unistellar.

Unistellar is responsible for manufacturing some of the best telescopes on the market. In our Unistellar eQuinox 2 review, we found that it has a simple and stunning design, offers enhanced astro photos, is a simple-to-operate smart telescope and we think it's one of the best smart telescopes out there. We also reviewed the Unistellar eVscope 2 and found that it has a jaw-dropping design, an effortlessly simple setup, a super-easy app to use, a Nikon eyepiece should you want it and if money is no object, is probably the best shout if you're looking for a new telescope. 

Of course, those two telescopes aren't the only models that the manufacturer offers. We are currently reviewing their new Odyssey line of smart telescopes but both the base Odyssey model and the Odyssey Pro include a short focal length of 320mm, a mirror diameter of 85mm, a star database of 37 million and a celestial database of 5,000. The solar filter that comes free with a purchase of any Unistellar telescope is designed specifically for the telescope you get. The filter itself is a polymer sheet while the structure that holds it is plastic. 

Again, we stress that you should not look directly at the sun without any protection, like a solar filter. In fact, the only time that should be safe enough to do so without is the brief moment of totality when the moon blocks out the sun entirely. If you want to check out other ways to view the solar eclipse on April 8, we have a guide to the best solar viewing kits of the year, worth checking out. 

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