Canon 10x32 IS image stabilized binoculars now $200 off

Canon 10x32IS image stabilized binoculars on white background for black friday
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Take it from us, this $200 Black Friday binocular deal is so worth it for a pair of Canon 10x32IS image stabilized binoculars. If you've never used image stabilized binoculars before they are a real game-changer and these are no exception.

B&H is now dropping the price of these binoculars to $899 for Black Friday making them very competitively priced compared with similar models from Nikon and others. But what do they have to offer?

A decent magnification of 10x provides a wide field of view making them ideal for birdwatching, wildlife spotting, hunting, watching sports and enjoying air shows. While we wouldn't necessarily suggest you drop $899 on these for stargazing specifically, they do function extremely well in low light. 32mm objective lenses with Canon's Super Spectra coating keep views as bright as possible. Canon's proprietary coating reduces flare, glare and ghosting to improve optical clarity. While we haven't yet got our review up on the site we have been testing these and we're mightily impressed with their performance.


Canon 10x32IS image stabilized binoculars: was $1099, now $899 at B&H.
These binoculars are now 18% off in B&H's Black Friday sales giving consumers $200 off which we think is a great discount for such high-quality binoculars. They use a field-flattening lens system and Super Spectra coating on the lenses to keep things distortion-free, and sharp edge to edge.

But it's in the stabilization technology where these binoculars truly shine. Two modes of image stabilization keep views steady when either tracking subjects like birds or keeping things steady and fixed in one place. Intelligent auto-shut off means the 2x AA batteries the binoculars run on don't discharge too quickly. Simply hang them from the neckstrap vertically or place them objective-lens down on a table and the Canon 10x32IS' will automatically turn off IS after 10 seconds.

Field-flattener lenses in the Porro-prism binocular design prevent optical distortion when observing. Sharp views edge to edge mean tracking moving subjects is easy and nothing goes unnoticed. We did use these binoculars to view Jupiter and we spotted one or two of its moons but they are better generalist and wildlife binoculars, for sure.

This is all encased in a tasteful camouflage green rubber armor which protects the binoculars against bumps and knocks. They feel sturdy in the hand and, though a little chunky, are surprisingly small considering they feature stabilization technology inside.

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