Mission Endeavour: Space Station's New Room and Windows

Astronaut Photographs Shuttle Landing From Space
This photograph, taken Feb. 21, 2010 by Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi, shows the space shuttle Endeavour performing an S-turn to slow its speed during landing, as seen from 220 miles up from the station's new Cupola lookout. (Image credit: Soichi Noguchi via Twitter.)

The spaceshuttle Endeavour launched on its second to last spaceflight, the STS-130mission, on Feb. 8, 2010 to deliver a new observation deck and workroom to theInternational Space Station.

Commanded byveteran spaceflyer George Zamka, Endeavour flew a 14-day mission that deliveredthe new Tranquility module and Cupola, a seven-window observation portal forobserving Earth and space.

Below isSPACE.com's special report on Endeavour's STS-130 mission, which marked the firstshuttle flight of the year in 2010. This page was updated on Feb. 22, 2010.

Back on Earth

AstronautPhotographs Shuttle Landing From Space
WhenNASA's space shuttle Endeavour landed safely on Earth Sunday night, reporters weren'tthe only ones pointing cameras at the returning spaceship. An astronaut tookhis own snapshot of the shuttle landing from space.

SpaceStation 98% Complete with 4 Shuttle Flights Remaining
Withthe successful landing of the space shuttle Endeavour Sunday night, theInternational Space Station is on the verge of completion after $100 billionand 11 years of construction. NASA plans just four more missions to wrap up itsfew remaining station deliveries.

SpaceShuttle Endeavour Lands Safely in Florida
HOUSTON- Space shuttle Endeavour touched down safely in Florida Sunday evening,beating a stormy weather forecast after delivering NASA's last major additionsto the International Space Station (ISS).

EndeavourShuttle Astronauts Headed for Florida Landing
Spaceshuttle Endeavour and its crew of six astronauts are headed home, wrapping up atwo-week mission that left the International Space Station nearly complete andadded a breathtaking set of windows to the orbiting lab.

WeatherUncertain For Space Shuttle's Sunday Landing
Astronautsaboard NASA's space shuttle Endeavour are preparing their spaceship for aplanned landing in Florida Sunday night, but low clouds and rain may keep themin space an extra day.

SpaceStation Computer Failure Knocks Out Communications Briefly
Amain computer failure aboard the International Space Station knocked outcommunications between the orbiting laboratory and Earth for a short timeSunday, but the station has since recovered, NASA officials said.

AstronautsHold Winter Olympics in Space
Theydon't have snow or ice, but an international team of astronauts held their ownweightless Winter Olympics this week. Their venue: a $100 billion spacestation.

Space Station’sNew Windows

ShuttleEndeavour Undocks From Space Station
NASA'sspace shuttle Endeavour cast off from the International Space Station late Friday,capping more than a week of orbital construction to add a phenomenal newlookout dome and room to the orbiting lab.

ShuttleAstronauts Pack Up to Leave Space Station
Astronautsaboard NASA's shuttle Endeavour packed up their spaceship for the trip homeThursday after more than a week at the International Space Station, but notbefore holding a grand opening ceremony for the orbiting lab's newest room and stunningobservation deck.

PresidentObama Quizzes Astronauts on Life in Space
PresidentBarack Obama quizzed astronauts aboard the International Space Station aboutlife in orbit Wednesday and said he was committed to continuing the UnitedStates' space exploration program, even as NASA's plans for human spaceflightare in flux.

AstronautsBask in Spectacular Views From New Space Windows
Astronautsin space are basking in what they described as "absolutelyspectacular" views of Earth after cranking open the shutters on theInternational Space Station's new window-covered observation dome for the firsttime.

AstronautsMove Space Station Docking Port to New Home
Astronautsmoved an old docking port to a new spot on the International Space Station lateMonday in the second straight day of tricky crane work 220 miles above Earth.

StunningSpace Photo Shows Shuttle in Silhouette
Stunningnew photographs released by NASA reveal the space shuttle Endeavour insilhouette against a colorful backdrop provided by the Earth.

SpacewalkersHook Up Plumbing For New Space Station Room
Twospacewalking astronauts ventured outside the International Space Station lateSaturday for a high-flying plumbing job on the orbiting laboratory's newestroom.

AstronautsTackle Glitch With Space Station's New Room
Astronautshave run into their first big glitch with the International Space Station'sbrand-new room, one that may delay plans for opening its long-awaitedobservation deck.

AstronautsOpen Space Station's Newest Room
TheInternational Space Station just got roomier. Astronauts opened the orbitinglaboratory's brand-new room late Friday and quickly got to work moving thingsin.

ShuttleEndeavour's Heat Shield Cleared of Concerns
Thespace shuttle Endeavour's heat shield is in fine shape despite three minordefects, which pose no risk to the orbiter or its six-astronaut crew, a topNASA official said Friday.

SpaceStation Gets New Room, Windows in Spacewalk
TheInternational Space Station got a bit bigger Thursday night thanks to twospacewalking astronauts who helped attach NASA's last major room for theorbiting lab and what promises to be the ultimate window on the world.

ShuttleAstronauts Gear Up For First Spacewalk
Twoastronauts will float outside the International Space Station late Thursday toattach a new room and long-awaited observation deck to the orbiting laboratory.

AstronautsWork to Fix Space Urine Recycler
Astronautsaboard the International Space Station tackled a tricky repair of their urinerecycling system Wednesday while engineers on Earth study two issues on thespace shuttle Endeavour.

Earth'sGravity Kept Astronauts Waiting at Space Station's Door
Astronautsaboard space shuttle Endeavour had to wait an uncommonly long time to board theInternational Space Station. NASA blamed the orbital holdup on no less than theentire planet Earth — actually, its gravitational pull.

ShuttleAstronauts Make Midnight Docking at Space Station
Thespace shuttle Endeavour and its astronaut crew made a midnight docking at theInternational Space Station Wednesday to deliver NASA's last big room and a newset of windows to the high-flying laboratory.

AstronautsInspect Shuttle for Damage
Astronautsaboard the space shuttle Endeavour inspected spacecraft Tuesday to search forany signs of heat shield damage as they head to the International SpaceStation.

Last Planned Shuttle Night Launch

SpaceShuttle Endeavour Soars in Predawn Launch
CAPECANAVERAL, Fla. - The space shuttle Endeavour lit up the predawn sky aboveFlorida with a false sunrise early Monday as it soared into orbit like abrilliant, artificial star.

AstronautsSkip Super Bowl for Space Shuttle Launch
Thesix astronauts who rocketed into space early Monday will have to play footballcatch-up when they return home in a couple of weeks since they opted to skipwatching the Super Bowl in order to blast off on the space shuttle Endeavour.

World'sLargest Space Window Headed to Orbit
Talkabout a room with a view. The largest space window ever built will launchaboard NASA's shuttle Endeavour on Sunday, part of a new seven-portalobservation deck for the International Space Station.

NASAAims for Monday Space Shuttle Launch After Delay
CAPECANAVERAL, Fla. – NASA has fueled the space shuttle Endeavour for aplanned predawn launch on Monday after a one-day delay due to thick clouds.

SpaceShuttle Launch Delayed by Thick Clouds
CAPECANAVERAL, Fla. – Thick clouds thwarted the attempted predawn launch ofNASA's space shuttle Endeavour on Sunday, forcing the orbiter's six-astronautcrew to wait at least one more day before rocketing into orbit.

NASAFuels Space Shuttle to Launch on Super Bowl Sunday
CAPECANAVERAL, Fla. – NASA fueled the space shuttle Endeavour for the motherof all Super Bowl pregame shows – a predawn blastoff on Sunday that isexpected to be the last night launch of an orbiter ever.

SpaceShuttle Endeavour 'Go' for Sunday Launch
CAPECANAVERAL, Fla. – NASA's space shuttle Endeavour is ready for its Sundaylaunch to the International Space Station – a planned predawn liftoffthat is expected to be the last time an orbiter lifts off in darkness.

CountdownGoing Well for Sunday Shuttle Launch
NASAhas begun counting down toward the planned predawn launch of the space shuttleEndeavour on Sunday.

WeatherLooks Good for Next Space Shuttle Launch
Theweekend weather forecast is shaping up to give NASA's space shuttle Endeavour agood chance of blasting off before dawn on Sunday.

AsShuttle Launch Looms, NASA Workers in 'Shock' Over Future
CAPECANAVERAL, Fla. - With the launch of space shuttle Endeavour just two daysaway, NASA workers are staying focused despite being in shock from thecancellation of the agency's moon program earlier this week.

AstronautsReady for Shuttle Launch Amid NASA Uncertainty
WASHINGTON– Six NASA astronauts are ready to rocket into space on the shuttleEndeavour in just over a week as questions swirl over the impact of the spaceagency’s upcoming budget request.

NASAAims to Launch Space Shuttle on Feb. 7
NASAhas set a firm early February launch date for the space shuttle Endeavour todeliver a brand-new room and observation portal to the International SpaceStation.

SpaceShuttle Astronauts Train for February Launch
Thesix astronauts preparing to fly into orbit aboard NASA's shuttle Endeavour nextmonth arrived at their Florida launch site Monday for some final trainingsessions as engineers work to replace vital hoses for their cargo – a newspace station room.

NASAStill Aims for February Shuttle Launch Despite Broken Hoses
NASAis still hoping to launch the shuttle Endeavour in early February as engineersscramble to repair broken hoses on the new space station module set to ride aboardthe orbiter.

NASACuts Price for Retired Space Shuttles
NASAon Friday slashed its multi-million dollar price tag for museums looking toacquire one of its three space shuttle orbiters after they areretired later this year. The due date for the reduced payment, whichdropped by almost one-third, was also advanced to be six months earlier thanpreviously announced.

Pick aPatch: Polls Under Way to Select End-of-Shuttle Emblem
NASA'sspace shuttle program held an in-house contest over the past fewmonths to have its prior and present employees design a commemorativepatch marking the orbiters' upcoming retirement scheduled for later thisyear. 

SpaceShuttle Endeavour Takes Frigid Trip to Launch Pad

NASAbraved below-freezing temperatures in Florida Wednesday to move the spaceshuttle Endeavour to its seaside launch pad for a planned Feb. 7 blast off tothe International Space Station.

NASAWeighs Potential Delay to Next Shuttle Mission
Thefailure of cooling system hoses during a test for a new space station modulehas engineers scratching their heads and NASA officials weighing the potentialimpact to the planned February launch of the space shuttle Endeavour, set tocarry the module to space.


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