These ISO and CE certified solar eclipse glasses are currently 50% off on Amazon

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There are just a few weeks until the next total solar eclipse and you can currently get a pack of five MedOptics ISO and CE certified solar eclipse glasses suitable for adults and children for half price.

Save 50% off a five-pack of MedOptics solar glasses when you order them from Amazon today. 

These solar glasses are  ISO 12312-2:2015 certified, which means that you will be able to safely view the total solar eclipse on April 8, without risking your eye health. The manufacturer of these glasses also comes approved by the American Astronomical Society (AAS) for suitably protective solar viewers and filters. 

These solar glasses are on sale at $4.99 per pack and come in a pack of five, allowing you to enjoy the solar event with your friends and family. To benefit from this deal, you will need to tick the ‘Apply 50% coupon’ before checking out, saving you $4.98 at checkout, reducing the cost from $9.99 per pack to just $4.99. 

If you want to view the solar eclipse on April 8, we think that this deal is worth considering, as you can get five pairs of ISO-certified glasses for under $5.

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MedOptics Solar Eclipse Glasses (five-pack) was $9.99now $4.99 on Amazon

MedOptics Solar Eclipse Glasses (five-pack) <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">was $9.99 now $4.99 on Amazon  

<a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Save 50% off this five-pack of ISO-certified solar eclipse glasses that are suitable for adults and children and can be used to safely view the solar eclipse on April 8. These glasses will arrive in time for the total solar eclipse and come approved by The American Astronomical Society (AAS).

The 50% off deal comes with five pairs of MedOptics solar eclipse glasses which make them around $1 each. (Image credit: Amazon)

It’s extremely important to be aware that you should never look at the sun directly without adequate solar protection. Staring at the sun without the proper protection can cause serious eye damage and have a long-term impact on your eyesight. That’s why it’s so important to opt for eclipse glasses or filters that come with an adequate ISO certification and are made by an AAS-approved manufacturer. 

Featuring non-scratch, premium lenses, these glasses offer vivid clarity of the sun without compromising eye safety, allowing you to view the eclipse clearly and without distortion.

Made to be suitable for every user, the MedOptics eclipse glasses come with adjustable crease lines, allowing them to be used comfortably by eclipse viewers of every age.

Key Specs: ISO 12312-2:2015 certified, scratch-resistant lenses, AAS-approved manufacturer, 50% discount, and arrival before April 8.

Consensus: We think that this is a great deal as it means you get five pairs of solar safe glasses for under $5.

Buy if: You want to safely view the solar eclipse and want to buy solar glasses that will suit the whole family.

Don’t buy if: You only need one pair of viewing glasses or would rather view the eclipse with specialist equipment.

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