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101 Best Night Sky Photos of 2014 by Stargazers

Airplane Cruises Across Moon

© VegaStarCarpentier P h o t o g r a p h y

Photographer VegaStar Carpentier caught this photo of an airplane cruising across a 92 percent full moon over France on March 13, 2014. Carpentier called it: "A rare and precious moment."

Milky Way and Venus Over Singapore

Justin Ng |

Despite its light pollution, the city-state of Singapore can yield some night sky sights. Here, photographer Justin Ng captures a rare site, the Milky Way, in Singapore's sky, with Venus shining bright on Feb. 28, 2014. See the amazing video and photo of Justin Ng's Milky Way view from Singapore.

Meteor, Milky Way, Venus and Lighthouse

© Mike Taylor - Taylor Photography

Skywatcher and photographer Mike Taylor sent this image of the Milky Way galaxy, planet Venus and meteor over the Marshall Point Lighthouse in Port Clyde, Maine on March 4, 2014. The image is taken from a 2.5-hour time lapse. Read the Full Story Behind this Photo

Moon Sets Over Earth

JAXA/Koichi Wakata via @Astro_Wakata

This is probably one of the most beautiful photographs captured by Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata on the International Space Station in early 2014. It shows the moon as it sets over the limb of our planet. Read the full story here.

Orion Shines Over

Aaron Priest |

Aaron Priest of Maine sent this and other spectacular photos taken during a winter gathering. on the shores Wallis Sands State Park in Rye, New Hampshire. [Read the full story here.]

Sunrise Over Mount Bromo

Justin Ng

Photographer Justin Ng traveled to Indonesia recently to climb a volcano in order to catch sight of some incredible cosmic views. Read his account of the adventure here.

Auroras Dance Over Swedish Mountains

Chad Blakley |

Photographer Chad Blakley captured these intense auroras over several Swedish Lapland locations, including a small hotel high in the Swedish mountains, on Feb. 22, 2014 as part of a spectacular video of Sweden's northern lights display. See the video here.

'Downtown' Auriga

Rogelio Bernal Andreo/

Rogelio Bernal Andreo sent in a photo of a sky region in the constellation of Auriga featuring Simeis 147 (the large circular supernova remnant at left), the Flaming Star Nebula (comma-shaped object at lower right), and above and to the left of that nebula, the emission nebula IC 410, along with other deep sky objects. More amazing night sky photos for March.

The Seasons of Yunnan, China

Jeff Dai

In Yunnan Province, southwestern China, the deep cold winter passes as the central bulge of the Milky Way rises in the eastern sky before dawn on Feb. 4, 2014, marking the beginning of spring. Astrophotographer Jeff Dai sent in this photo, which he recorded above a sea of clouds in the Yuanyang rice terraces in Yunnan Province. See more photos of the February night sky here.

Melotte 15

steve coates |

Amateur astronomer Steve Coates of Ocala, Florida captured this view of the central regions of the Heart nebula - a young star cluster called Melotte 15 - located about 7,500 light-years from Earth. Read the full story behind this photo.

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