Blue Moon Photos: August Full Moon of 2013 in Pictures

'Blue Moon’ Looms Over Volterraio Castle

Stefano De Rosa |

Stefano De Rosa captured this image of the “Blue Moon” of Aug. 20, 2013 as it rose over ancient Volterraio Castle, which overlooks the Gulf of Portoferraio on the Italian island of Elba. [Read the Full Story]

'Exact' Blue Moon Seen From Jadwin, MO

Victor C. Rogus

Sky watcher Victor C. Rogus sent in a photo he took of the August 2013 "blue moon," on August 21, 2013, in Jadwin, MO. He writes: "This evening I battled hordes of mosquitoes to capture a as perfectly timed "Blue Moon" as I possibly could. I used an atomic clock to be as precise as possible in this endeavor. The moon rose right on time according to the US Naval Observatory, and was well placed for photography at the moment of the full phase … 20:45:00. My image was made three seconds later. 
A beautiful, romantic sight, despite the invading hordes of insects, but I caught a nice image and now my hands are feeling much better as the "AFTA-BITE" product takes effect!" [Read our latest August Blue Moon Story.]

Once-in-a-Blue-Moon Event Is Not Really Blue (Infographic)

Karl Tate,

Thought to be called "blue" after an old english term meaning "betrayer," a Blue Moon is an extra full moon that occurs due to a quirk of the calendar. [See the full Blue Moon Infographic here.]

Moon Rises Next to Lick Observatory, Mt. Hamilton

Fabio Pettinati

Fabio Pettinati sent a photo he took of the August 2013 "blue moon" rising next to Lick Observatory, Mt. Hamilton, Calif. “Due to the nature of the terrain, there are a handful of spots along the road where one can see the observatory. Of these spots, only this one allowed me this view. I literally had a space of 30 feet to shoot from,” Pettinati wrote in an email.

Blue Moon of August 2013 Photographed by Debbie Hughes

Debbie Hughes

Stargazer Debbie Hughes sent in photo of the blue moon of August 2013, taken in an undisclosed location.

August 2013 Full Moon Seen Over Nashville, TN

Kelley Dixon

Stargazer Kelley Dixon sent in a photo of the moon taken from Nashville, TN, on August 20, 2013. [Read our latest August Blue Moon Story.]

August 2013 Moon Seen Over Missouri

Jeff Yielding

Sky watcher Jeff Yielding sent in a photo taken from South Fork, MO, in the middle of the Missouri Ozarks, on August 20, 2013. [Read our latest August Blue Moon Story.]

Moon Rises Over Yucca Valley

Ernest Doucette

Ernest Doucette sent this photo of the moon rising over Yucca Valley, Calif., on Aug. 20. The image was taken using a Nikon L820 Camera.

‘Blue Moon’ Over Connecticut

Eric Steiner

Photographer Eric Steiner sent this photo of the moon over Bristol, Conn. on Aug. 20. He used a Nikon D600 camera and Tamron 200-400mm zoom on a tripod with a remote shutter cord.

Moon in the Clouds, August 2013

Elizabeth Therese Niwel

Sky watcher Elizabeth Therese Niwel sent in a photo of the moon taken August 20, 2013, in an undisclosed location. [Read our latest August Blue Moon Story.]

Moonrise Seen From Vimy Mountain, Alberta, Canada

Austin Moloughney

Sky watcher Austin Moloughney sent in a photo of the moon rising taken from Vimy Mountain, Alberta, Canada, on August 18, 2013. [Read our latest August Blue Moon Story.]

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