Save over $60 on the exceptional SuperTank Pro Power Bank

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Save $60 on this Zendure power bank this Cyber Monday. 

The SuperTank Pro from Zendure is a thing of beauty. How do we know? Because we've got one! We're currently putting it through its paces as part of our hands-on review process. The review will be live on soon, but probably after this 28% off at Amazon deal has finished — hence, we're telling you about it now! We'll also let you in on a secret, we're going to give it five out of five stars.

As with most electricals, the price fluctuates often, but at $165.59, this price is at the low end of the price swing, so it's a good time to buy.

There are several excellent elements of the Zendure SuperTank Pro that we love, and are reasons why it features on our best power banks list. We genuinely think it would be a perfect addition to any skywatchers kit bag — keep your headlamps, star trackers, smartphones and even laptops charged away from home. It is also a 'good to have' at home as a one-stop charging station or a good backup in case the power goes out; after all, this thing can charge four devices simultaneously, with a total output of 138W.

If you're considering buying this for someone as a holiday gift, you might like to know that the SuperTank Pro packaging is very attractive and would be lovely to give or receive. It looks stylish and feels premium. The hard-sided protection case is also exceptionally well made and mimics the device's build quality, not that the tough anodized aluminum casing needs protection.

Zendure SuperTank Pro: was $229.99, now $165.59 at Amazon

Zendure SuperTank Pro: was $229.99, now $165.59 at Amazon

With a 28% Cyber Monday saving, now is the perfect time to get your hands on the SuperTank Pro from Zendure. Thanks to the useful OLED screen, you can charge four devices at once and know exactly how much power you have remaining.

The SuperTank Pro has a massive 26800 mAh capacity, just under the limit of what you can carry as hand luggage on a flight. Handy if you're traveling by air to a dark sky area.

Aside from the 28% Cyber Monday discount, one thing that really impressed us about this power bank is how quickly it charges — on paper, it charges from 0% to 100% in less than two hours using the 100W USB-C Power Delivery Input. When our model arrived, it had 41% charge, we charged it to 100% in around 30 mins, which is better than the stats suggest. The OLED screen has an accurate timer, displaying how much time remains to reach 100% charge.

The screen also gives real-time power transfer information for each of the four ports. When power banks only have an LED indicator (e.g., four light-up bars) to show the remaining power, it is a bit of a guessing game whether you have 25% charge or 2% charge remaining. This ambiguity is completely removed thanks to the screen, so you'll never be caught short.

You might be concerned that the Zendure SuperTank Pro only has USB-C outputs, but luckily, Zendure thought ahead and included a small adaptor so your USB-A cables can still be used to charge your legacy devices.

Finally, this thing is future-proof in the form of firmware upgrades — yes, firmware upgrades for a power bank! 

Once you have tried one of these for yourself, your existing power banks will feel archaic and paltry in comparison. We absolutely wouldn't hesitate to recommend this excellent Zendure power bank deal.

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